A few other notes.

I ordered some gold teef on eBay the other day, just to try them out. They came super fast and they look awesome, but they appear to be for someone with much larger teeth, or a much larger mouth (which is hard to imagine,) than mine. So...I'm going to hold a contest to give them away. I assure you, I only tried them on twice and I'll re sterilize them for you. But anyway, since I'm too lazy to come up with a good contest, I'll let you decide what you want to do for them. The most creative offer gets them. Oh, also, you'll have to pose for a picture if you get them. You might have to be nude, I haven't decided yet. That might depend on who wins.

I'm buying all of my gifts at outdoor sporting goods stores this Christmas. Some of my favorite finds at a recent expedition: A pink rifle for my thirteen-year-old sister, a squirrel fur Commie hat for my other sister, waders for my overweight brother (He'll kind of look like a camouflaged Oompa Loompa. I'm probably going to hell for saying that,) an iridescent hunting knife for my mom, and some cool, very tall galoshes for me.

No, but seriously, I am crazy about the rugged goodness of a lot of the clothing and accessories. I actually really do like the hats, vests, boots and coats and some of the women's clothing is surprisingly feminine and kind of makes you look like Duck Hunt Barbie. Very sexy.

Sorting things out in the rain.

Flannel and blue jeans in this weather makes life so much better. The fact that my brakes are total shit and I'm too cheap to spend money on fixing them, however, counteracts this goodness and returns things to their usual somewhat crappy equilibrium.

Anyway, now that I've spent some time messing with Blogger Beta and changing some graphics and such up, I have again reached the conclusion that Blogger is inadequate and I want to switch to Wordpress. Screw importing the archives. Who cares anyway. Most of what goes in here has an expiration date anyway, and those dates have long since passed.

Got a new espresso maker yesterday. I managed to coax out a decent latte with a crappy burr grinder and less-than-fresh Starbucks French Roast. Can't wait to remedy these imperfections and really create some caffeinated masterpieces.

I'm going to update the calendar today, and as a tip, if you have a chance to get the new Vending Machine CD, do it. Slightly more formal review and MP3's to follow shortly. (As in, within the next few days.)


Memphis Music Videos

Back from vacation and recovered from the sickness. Here's somethingfrom Jon Sparks:

Thursday Nov. 30 will be a great night of Memphis music on video. There will be a presentation of the documentary "Memphis Muck" -- a freewheeling look at the Muck Sticky Revue with local bands El Dorado and the Ruckus, Taco & da Mofos and Muck Sticky, all performing and talking about their music. Following the 30-minute documentary is the Live From Memphis 2006 Music Video Showcase, featuring 24 of the most amazing music videos of local bands by local directors. Both "Memphis Muck" and the Showcase were in last month's Indie Memphis Film Festival, so come and see what you missed or enjoy them again.

Showtime is Thursday, Nov. 30 at 7 pm at the MeDiA Co-op (1000 S. Cooper). It's $3 at the door.

The following is an alphabetical list of Music Videos and filmmakers:

200 Sachen
"Champagne For Breakfast"
dir. J. Michael McCarthy
Description: Sony Band based in Weisbaden who sings in German. This is the second video of 200 Sachen by Mike McCarthy and Wheat Buckley.

Arma Secreta
dir. Clayton Hurley
Description: Memphis' most calculating indie rockers unveil their much anticipated action rock video "Segue/Debris," the firs off their new record A Century's Remains. Shot entirely on green-screen. Produced, directed, and animated by Clayton Hurley.

The Central Standards
"So Much Clearer"
dir. Waheed AlQawasmi
Description: A tale of lost love and regrets. Shot and edited in a style that serves to mirror the songs message of a blurred past and clearer present.

Chess Club
dir. Amy Frazier
Description: A rough and tumble self indulgent stab at life with new beat overtones and a pocket full of synthesizers.

Christopher Reyes
"In Ways Ungraceful"
dir. Christopher Reyes & Garrett Ammon
Description: A combination of experimental music, dance, and video; choreographed by Garrett Ammon, performed by Ballet Memphis, shot and edited by Christopher Reyes.

Clanky's Nub
dir. G.B. Shannon
Description: A psychedelicly clad experimental video – just the kind you would expect from the rockin' Nub-sters. How 'bout that drum solo, Jay?!

Evil Army
"Friday the 13th"
dir. Geoffrey Brent Shrewsbury
Description: Evil Army, Memphis' premier thrash band, makes their music video debut with this visual rendition of their song, "Friday the 13th." It's hard and raw, just the way you like it.

Helen Stellar
dir. Banner Gwin
Description: Shot in one night on borrowed equipment and donated 35mm short ends, this music video was written, directed and produced by former Memphian Banner Gwin, a 1999 graduate of Lausanne Collegiate School. The short semi-narrative story explores empathy and second chances in an almost surreal situation. Inspired by the music of Helen Stellar, and this song in particular, Gwin presented his concept to the band and not only did they approve the idea and treatment, they agreed to appear as the cast.

Jung Shin
"In The End"
dir. Galen Gower
Description: A simplistic look at emotions and the process of forgiveness.

Lord T. & Eloise
"Million Dollar Boots"
dir. Old School Pictures
Description: Rappers Lord T. and Eloise get aristo-crunk in their music video debut!

"Banks of the Arkansas"
dir. Live From Memphis
Description: Live music video shot at the Young Ave. Deli.

Mr. Sche
"Front Me Somethin'"
dir. Marc A. Dokes
Description: "Front Me Something" shows the aberage life of a street orientated black man struggling against political power and himself. The will to do right is overcastted by the need to survive. The streets can either make or break him, but with nothing to loose or gain, what choice does he have other than to hustle?

Muck Sticky
"Thingy Thing"
dir. Muck Sticky
Description: Does a Muck Stick video really need a description?

"Can You Hear Me Now?"
dir. Sarah Fleming
Description: Mung, late for their gig, drive recklessly through the streets of Memphis.

"Now is the Time"
dir. J. Michael McCarthy
Description: Music video for Olga's new album and title track, "Now is the Time," in stores now!

Organ Thief
dir. Christopher Reyes
Description: A psychedelic ride through hell; starring Kirk Rawlings and Brian Costner (from Organ Theif) with special guest appearance by the psycho chauffeur himself – John Pickle.

Reigning Sound
"Bad Man"
dir. Live From Memphis
Description: An excerpt from the Goner Fest 2 DVD produced and directed by Sarah Fleming and Christopher Reyes.

Secret Service
"Teenage Mustache"
dir. Live From Memphis
Description: Live music video shot at Memphis' own Buccaneer!

dir. Darren Doane
Description: The first music video off their new album "Comatose," this song asserts the belief that we are all deserving of a second chance.

So Serious featuring Tavious
"Me and You"
dir. Catina L. Johnson
Description: This video is about a young woman working as a dancer because she wants the finer things in life, but she has a boyfriend who doesn't appreciate her. The Artist spots her from across the room and wants to be with her.

Souvenir Satellite
"This Circle"
dir. John Paul Clark
Description: A tale of man, his memories, and mass destruction.

Ty Brown
"Life Goes On"
dir. Waheed AlQawasmi
Description: A personal music video that takes you through a journey told by the artist.

The Willowz
"Equation #2"
dir. J. Michael McCarthy
Description: There's a photo of Elvis with a fand in 1956 and he's signed her hand. I took this notion to the extreme in that the girl never washed her hand and eventually became insane. I wanted to do it as a short, but when this weird music presented itself I wrapped the idea around it.

The Willowz
"Making Certain"
dir. H.G. Ray


I'm the last person to post this.

Ok, maybe not the last, but I'm definitely behind in my blogging.

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Makeshift steals Thansgiving.

From the folks at Makeshift:
This weekend Makeshift and the Hi-Tone are bringing you 3 NIGHTS OF SNOWGLOBE-related projects. Thusday, Nov. 23 THANKSGIVING NIGHT! The return of the "classic" line-up of Snowglobe itself - that's right, Brad, Tim, Brandon, Jeff and Nahshon. Love those guys. And hey - it's Nahshon's birthday. Next stop, Crunktown. Friday, Nov. 24 MONSTERS OF MHA 2! Featuring Brad Postlethwaite and the Makeshift Mafia (including a special mini-set by Brad and Brandon's pre-Snowglobe band, the Houseflies), the Rockwells, TN Boltsmoker Mark McKinney, and Chris Pickey Saturday, Nov. 25 THE SECOND COMING OF HULES! Featuring Jeffrey James and the Haul w/ the Wallendas Again, all 3 shows are at the Hi-Tone on Poplar. 10 p.m. $5. Be there.

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Tech Talk: Cameras and Typewriters

Working in an eBay store is either the worse thing in the world I could do, or one of the coolest. The thing is that I am way too in love with the more tactile nature of mechanical things past.


I never got into photography because by the time I had the least bit of interest in it, digital was becoming all the rage and I'm not in love with the quality of digital pictures from cameras I can afford. And there just isn't any satisfaction in actually "learning" about photography on a camera that will never be able to produce pictures you like.

So obviously, the more involved film SLR and rangefinder and even the old box type cameras hold appeal for several reasons. 1) They're inexpensive. 2) They have that funky "retro" thing going for them and are pleasently hefty. 3) They present a challenge in actually learning a skill and force me to do so in order to capture the images I want instead of the coddling "point and shoot" technology I've been exposed to up to this point.

I was up until 4:00am reading information about old film cameras. I've been literally inundated with vintage and junk store cameras at work lately and I can never tell what's what, so I decided to educate myself.

Before I launch into the new finds, I should note that I still have yet to do anything with the Spartus Full-Vue or the Moviematic 3-in-1 I aquired a month or so ago. The Spartus still has a stuck shutter, and I still can't find out much about the Moviematic. I don't think either will be good cameras for me to "learn" about all this stuff on, so their on a shelf being awesome until I figure it all out.

So, the new toys are a duo of Brownie Hawkeye Flash models that my boss picked up at a yard sale a while back. I think I've convinced him that after fees are taken out, it won't be worth his while to list them on eBay since they typically sell for something like $10.00. This pair is in good shape, pretty clean, shutters working, no real dents or dings and "Cliff" even has the flash attachment and box. (They came with names! The other one is "Jaunita". I think she's my favorite.)

Everything I've read suggests that though they call for 620 film, which you can't get anymore, you can use 120 film, without respooling which is what I thought I'd have to do. This, of course, is good news. As soon as my film gets here I'm going to grab a friend and we're going to do a box camera photo shoot with the twins. I still have to get a bulb for the flash, but I'm sure we can come up with a sunny day to shoot before then.

The boss also bought a Kodak Instamatic M2 movie camera for Super 8 film and an accompanying (absolutely spotless) Instamatic M50 projector. Of course the M2 was probably amongst the cheapest movie cameras ever made, and I haven't even begun looking into the possibility of finding Super 8 film and trying it out. I know there's some resurgence of using Super 8, but the film's so expensive I'd hate to waste it on this little brick, so I probably won't keep it since it's not even that cool looking. Anyone have any thoughts on that? I'll probably just try to sell them for $20-30 on eBay as a pair. The projector will probably sell.

Then some crazy old guy brought in a whole box full of vintage cameras including some really cool and quite old original Kodak vest pocket styles, an Argus C3, a Kodak Instamatic 350 and Pocket 20, and, my favorite, a Minolta-16 Model P "Spy Camera". (Ok, I may be the only one that calls it a spy camera, but it's pretty sweet.) Again, all of them would sell in the $10 range if they sold at all, but how fun. Seriously. I don't know if I'll buy any of these, the Argus is awesome looking in an ugly kind of way, but from what I can tell these are very "involved" range-finder cameras and somewhat clunky to use. Plus, this guy is attached to his collection and I don't think he'll part with them for what they're worth.

AND THEN, last night I think to pull out my parents old SLR to see what's up with that and find out the the Pentax Spotmatic is actually a very popular "cult" camera and the Super-Takumar lens it came with is definitely top of the line. Problems with this pal: Needs a battery and there appears to be fungus in the lens. From what I read, it is possible to clean the little spider web-looking fungus out, but I'm afraid I'll ruin it so the plan is to try to find a replacement to mess with until I feel confident enough to take this one apart. I might run a roll through with the lens as-is just to make sure there's nothing else wrong with it before I invest in a 2nd lens.

Are you totally bored yet? Because I'm not done.

Another lady brought in a really nice Nikon CoolPix 8400 8.0 MP digital, a Konica Minolta Dimage Z5 5.0 MP digital, and Konica FT-1 Motor 35MM. The two digital cameras are good ones, if anyone's interested. Both like new in their original boxes with all the accessories and such. The Konica film camera is one I'm tempted to buy. If I did that, it would basically be my primary camera since I know it's in perfect working order and is ready to shoot AND it uses film I can buy anywhere. They're asking a little much for it, but when it doesn't sell for what they're asking I may just make them an offer and see if it flys.


I've had a few type-writers in my day, suiting since being a writer is about the only thing I've ever wanted since I was a young girl. Again, it might be the fact that my role models used these machines, it might be the tactile feel of the keys beneath my fingers, it might be the classic lines and the heft and the static, reliable nature of these machines but whatever it is, nothing beats an old typewriter.

The only one I ever really liked, (because it wasn't electric) was a little toy one my mom bought at the Cooper-Young Fest when I was about 6 or 7. Of course, she'd managed to give it away by the time I actually would have used it, but it's nice to think about.

Most recently, I had a HUGE electric type writer I bought for $5.00 from a bum in NYC. It required almost my entire little desk and it took me forever to pull all the leaves out of it, but it was very useful for all the writing I did on it and I was sorry to leave it behind.

Today, there are two very cool vintage typewriters in the shop that I'm thinking about. One is the classic Underwood Portable with some funky wood panel-look paint job. The cult status of this machine is tempting, and I like the very "broken in" look of it, but the other typewriter is so handsome, I don't know that I can pass it up.

She's a stunning black folding Corona and if you could ever compare a type writer to a race horse, she'd be the one. Still, it's an Underwood I'd be passing over and I just don't know if I can do that.

I'll just buy both. Alas, another collection is started.

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More flyers and stuff.

GiantBearBriertone & Giant Bear at the Young Avenue Deli, Saturday, Nov. 18

bout1Memphis Roller Derby Inaugural Bout (finally!) with The Antique Curtains at Funquest, Saturday, Nov. 18

1394578084_lCoach And Four & Arma Secreta at the Hi Tone, Friday, Nov. 17

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Bunny Update & More

So, I was dealing with a lot of guilt issues for a moment about Bruce. I felt like he would probably be miserable without use of his back legs and it was just me being selfish not putting him down, since I really didn't believe the vet when he said sometimes they get better.

BUT, this morning Bruce seems to actually be doing better. He still has no movement in his hind legs, but he's sitting up better and rearranging the towels I have in his cage. He's eating and drinking normally and going to the bathroom and stuff and still seems to be in no pain. It's pretty easy to tell when bunnies are hurt. They grind their teeth and the whites of their eyes show and they just look stress and he looks really quite chill.

So, that's good news and I'm actually allowing myself to have a little hope that he might get better, or even if not, get along ok as is without suffering. What do you think, is that me being selfish again? Is it really ok to keep a disabled bunny alive just because I'd miss him? I don't know.

In other news, I assume you all know I am absolutely obsessed with magazines. I subscribe to about 2 new magazines every month and buy tons of single issues in addition to spending considerable time at the book store every month to catch up on the ones I can't buy.

That being said, I have developed certain snobbish tendencies. For example, I abhor the classic women's "Bibles" like Cosmo, Redbook, and Glamour. They just don't seem to have adapted to the new design and media capabilities at all, and are sooo...blah both from an aesthetic and editorial POV. However, somehow I ran across the "See Alyssa Date" blog on the Glamour Web site and I've gotten quite hooked. It's totally a guilty pleasure Sex In The City-style vicarious living sort of thing.

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The Week in Rock (v1.1)

FYI, this week I have a personal goal of not getting thrown out of any clubs for biting.

Tuesday Night: Def Leppard @ the Fed Ex Forum. Whoo. Have fun. Get me a t-shirt.

Wednesday Night: DJ's @ Murphy's and...

ill-ease-flyer You should keep an eye open for an upcoming interview with Cole Winethrop AKA Nehl Cloete who has a new 3- or 4-disc box set out, Somhain Searies, and used to be in Kazalok. We were practicing the drunk interview, a cornerstone of PulpFaction literary style. I think it turned out quite well.

EDIT: According to Safeguy, the new lineup is: ill ease, el dorado and the ruckus, gravitron guise, clicking beetle, milkhammer. Gravitron Guise is apparently Cole's new band. (It'll probably be something different by tomorrow night when they actually play.) Also, I just realized the flyer says El Dorado and the Buckets. For some reason, I find this hilarious.

Thursday Night: JBJ Jump Back Jake is really, really good.

magnetixflyer Magnetix, Boston Chinks, Guacos.

And if you need an early show, too, you can go to the New Daisy and see if Cat Power shows up this time.

EDIT: I just read that it is Cat Power who is responsible for the Deli's closing Wednesday and Thursday. I also discovered that there was some sort of invitation for the filming of her video going around and I'm pissed. I want to know why I wasn't invited!

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Bunny Trauma

Really, the last thing I needed this morning was to wake up to an emergency.

My mom knocks on my door (yes, I live at home, get over it,) and tells me Bruce Campbell, the rabbit, has had an accident and can not move his hind legs.

I think I've told Bruce's story on here before, but I'll mention it again. I've had this guy for just a touch over three years now after rescuing from some guy in Brooklyn who intended to "set him free" in a park. Being "set free" is a very inhumane thing to do, FYI. If dogs or other animals don't get to them, they will frequently die of exposure or get hit by a car or something else rather miserable.

Since I was rather lonely myself and new to NYC and had a soft spot for rabbits since I had raised them as a child and gained a thorough color genetics and animal husbandry education, I decided to take him in and we spent the next few months hanging out. He went everywhere with me in an oversize purse, and he got me kicked out of at least two book stores. He helped me meet people by poking his head out of the bag while standing in line or waiting for the train, and made my pathetic excuse for a room on the Upper West Side much, much less depressing.

He's been living a good deal of the time in an oversize dog crate these days, since my parent's house is too large to be rabbit-proofed and the carpet is too new to subject to the seasonal rabbit hair tumble weeds apt to happen this time of year. It has caused problems and I've looked for a better home for him, but few people think of a hard headed bunny with a taste for electrical cords when they think of a new pet. (Frankly, though, rabbits have tons up on cats or dogs, as far as I'm concerned. Tying cords up out of the way is a lot less to deal with than frequent walks and the near complete demolition that comes with puppy adolescence. And their litter boxes, which they can be trained to use very well, are much, much less offensive than those of cats.)

So Bruce has been waiting this current housing situation out with me. He gets to get out in the yard and play on nice days, and this is apparently when the accident happened. What, exactly, we don't know. He may have jumped too enthusiastically (it does happen, and he's no spring chicken,) and caused a fracture or break in his spine, or he may have had a seizure. Either way, he's lost all control over his hind limbs and looks absolutely pathetic.

I call in to work and try to get over my sniffles while I throw some clothes on and find his Sherpa bag. (Which I bought to bring him home on the plane, before being told that, technically, pet carry-on rules only apply to dogs and cats. WTF. They let him get on the plane only on the condition that I say I required him for my mental well being or some bullshit. I wonder if the same thing works for weed.) Of course, the vet isn't in and it doesn't really matter because he doesn't really know a lot about rabbits anyway, few vets seem to since rabbits really require VERY little vet care outside of emergency situations, so I leave him deciding it is probably best to not move him around more than I have to.

I get a call two hours later and the guy tells me, of course, the obvious about paralysis of the hind legs, et cetera but he doesn't tell me straight up it's hopeless. He tells me sometimes these things can happen and they can regain some or even most of their movement and to give it a week and see how things go.

Cool. So as of now, I have a paralyzed pet rabbit and I'm going to go out and buy some huggies for the bunny and read up on caring for a disabled rabbit instead of finishing my article on the raw foods diet.



Getting over the M14: Disregard for Traffic Device

God, my belly is so full. There is nothing in the world better than a 4" thick pile of thinly sliced cow on a fresh kaiser roll in the middle of the afternoon when you've had nothing but coffee all day and only raw fruits and vegetables the night before. Why does mustard suck so much. Mustard is so disgusting and it's all up in my potato salad and I'm going to have to throw it away. The thing is though that it didn't particularly look like it had mustard in it when I bought it, the outside is all white and creamy and yummy looking. But when I stuck my Starbucks coffee cup lid into it, I didn't have a proper spoon or fork, to shovel it into my mouth, the inside is slathered in yellow almost like they new exactly what they were doing and they were extra careful to just fill it full of mustardly goop on the inside, but keep it concealed so I would buy it. Yeah, and right about now I'm sure you're thinking "And this girl is going to edit a magazine? WTF. Fer real." Just so you know, I don't like pickles or onions either. Or mushrooms. Or peppers of any persuasion. Or asparagus or any meat that's actually still on the bone. Actually, come to think of it I basically have the dietary preferences of a 6 year old child. I just want some fried chicken fingers and french fries. And ice cream, too, please. Other things I do like are Dwell magazine, Blueprint magazine, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Tinted Moisturizer (it has SPF and retinol!), tawny port wines, the new flavor of Rockstar Juiced with pomegranate, and my boyfriend's Van Halen t-shirt which is actually older than I am. (He doesn't know I'm wearing it right now, don't tell him.) I disregard traffic signals a lot, sometimes I realize it and sometimes I don't. The fact that Memphis is full of notoriously bad drivers doesn't really bother me because I suppose I'm one of them. I've never had a wreck, though. I drive too fast and I'm sort of prone to deep thought while driving and sometimes I forget that red means stop. I still yell at people a lot when I drive, though. It's more of a hobby than anything else. Traffic makes me so nervous, though. The other day I ate an entire box of orange tic tacs on the way home from work because I was nervous and needed something to chew on. But the cool thing is is that I drive by Jerry Lee Lewis' house in Nesbit, MS every single day and I always roll the window down and yell hello. You used to be able to write on his fence. It's a big board privacy fence type deal but they repainted it sometime last year and nobody's written on it since. There aren't any signs saying not to, so the only thing I can figure out is that nobody that cares knows where he lives anymore. Except me. So I think I should start hosting van loads of Asian tourists and we can go by and leave some love on Jerry Lee's fence. Speaking of Jerry Lee Lewis, I just happened to be watching VH1 last night when they debuted the new video for Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down". The video was ok, as video goes and who watches music videos anymore anyway, but the problem was that all the people in it were celebrities and it just didn't work. I mean, how are you supposed to take that sort of thing seriously when they have Chris Rock muggin' for the camera? I can't believe it's not even 4:00 yet. I need a cigarette. I am so going to get out of here early.



This post brought to you by Yo Mammy and the letter "F".

First, I just came across the latest Viva Voce stuff and I'm loving it. This song has become my anthem. LISTEN: VivaVoce_WeDoNotFuckAround.mp3

Second, my friend Victoria who slaves away at the eBay store with me just made me listen to a choice clip off of Karson & Kennedy Morning Show on Q107.5 FM. It reminded me of myself the second time in a week I got pulled over a block away from home for going 55 in a 40. LISTEN: K&K_Yo_Mammy.mp3


Memphis Hardcore @ the Rally Point


Almost Psych Night Jr. @ the Hi Tone

Beat Illuminati features a pair of underage girls wearing extremely short gold brocade tunics playing washboards and triangles, skinny hipster boys and an organ. I think they're really into all that free love stuff and I'm sure they do a lot of acid. Good times.

With The Willowz (On the Science of Sleep Soundtrack) and some band called Club of the Sons which list Memphis as one of several cities they're "from" but whatever. I don't really know who they are but they sound interesting.

Should be a good show, Friday night at the Hi Tone.

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How Freeware Saved my Life

So, I'm not sure if I mentioned this in here, but exactly one week after my purse was stolen/lost (on Friday, October 13, nonetheless) my new laptop and laptop bag were stolen out of the trunk of my car outside of El Porton while I sat inside composing an article for Nashville Home & Garden and consuming margaritas like there was no tomorrow. It would seem the trunk of my car doesn't like to latch very easily and I was unaware of this as it had been a while since I had driven that particular vehicle.

Anyway, the point is that I was more or less cursed for about a week or so and there really could be no worse time to lose ones' laptop than at that very moment, for me, since the magazine up to that point was living on the HD. (And within the pages of the three or so notebooks in the bag with it.)

So, I've been using an old laptop my dad borrowed from work and trying to make do while my new one (a twin of the last Pismo, except with all of the upgrades already in place,) is stuck in limbo somewhere between me and Canada. The temp is slow, clunky, and as a PC, not compatible with any of the design software I have access to. Needless to say, I've been having a great time trying to find some decent freeware to use in the meanwhile.

I finally came up with something today that I really like. You must look into the free Serif Software suit. The PagePlus SE publishing program I'm using now is actually every bit as functional as the Adobe or Corel software I've used before with the added benefit of being completely free. (Obviously.) They also have an upgrade available for $9.99 that allows certain features such as PDF export, professional printing features, and integrated web publishing, but so far I haven't needed tried it out.

And if you need a copy of Photoshop or Illustrator but don't have the time to beg one off of one of your friends, their PhotoPlus and DrawPlus programs are also very good in a pinch. (And good options for PC users, since I don't know anyone that uses a PC version of Adobe Creative Suite that I could easily bum.)

One other thing I just discovered which has been a serious lifesaver is Google's beta word processing program, Writely. It's basically the Microsoft Office suite except online, and you can access your files instantly from any computer AND let anyone else access them as well. (Really handy feature for an editor who's going back and forth with articles and idea sharing.)

So there's a few free toys to check out. Have fun. I'm going back to work.



A self-indulgent post riddled with parentheses.

Time for a break from magazine production, or I will surely suffer a bad case of burn out and it will never get done.

I've surprised myself with this all, lately. See, somewhere in the back of my mind I'm aware of the fact that I am capable of amazing feats of discipline and self-control and do in fact posses a selectively stellar work ethic. I frequently forget this, however, thanks to my tendencies towards drinking and sleeping a lot and watching too much TV and otherwise taking a rather lackadaisical approach to life. This project is bringing all the good stuff out, with the help of a little more coffee than I usually consume. (Ok, actually my drink of choice is a Cafe Con Pana, a double espresso topped with whip cream. Dreamy.)

The point is that I feel really accomplished, it feels good to be working on something I believe in, something that challenges me without it being some impossible thing which will surely break me.

I'm about to be sappy, if you're not in the mood for it don't read it. I'm about to tell you how I wake up every day and find myself thinking it's an effing beautiful day. (WTF is up with that. This isn't exactly Mr. Roger's neighborhood.) Even that one day after Halloween when it was all foggy and misty. I find myself appreciating the trees and how many of them there actually are around here compared to a lot of places and how pretty their leaves are this time of year. I find myself working harder for my boss (Yes, I still suffer from the affliction of a day job,) and taking deep breaths when I go outside and cussing a lot less when I drive. (It's still a lot though, you should call me sometime when I'm driving home from work. It's hilarious.)

Though I haven't done laundry in over a month (it's ok, I own lots of clothes for this exact reason,) and I really don't shower as often as I probably should and some might say I'm cultivating a hair style rather reminiscent of Einstein in his later years, things are actually going quite well and frankly, this has been an entirely self-indulgent post serving only to convince me of that fact.



I love you THIS much.


Art Openings:

"Moments In Time" - paintings by Pamela Kelso Craig. Fri., Nov. 3, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Christian Brothers University, Ross Gallery in the Plough Library, 650 E. Parkway S., (Midtown), 321-3000.
"Presence" - paintings by Brent Funderburk. Fri., Nov. 3, 6-8 p.m. L Ross Gallery, 5040 Sanderlin, Suite 104, 292-5559.
"Selections from the Graceland Portfolio" - photographs by William Eggleston. Fri., Nov. 3, 6-8:30 p.m. and Sat., Nov. 4, 1-4 p.m. Lisa Kurts Gallery, 766 S. White Station, 683-6200.


William Lee Ellis and David Evans - Live acoustic set, Otherlands Coffee Bar, 7:00 p.m., $5.00
The Tunnel Clones with Hope Clayburn and King Otis - Hi Tone Cafe, 9pm doors, $5 cover.
Saving Able and Roxanne Lemon - Young Avenue Deli, 9pm doors, $5.00 cover.
Hell On Earth - Featuring the Menstruals, the Zippin Pippins, Big Rig, Three Faces of Angerhead, Chopper Girl, Olivera, the Guacos, the Marcels @ Ernestine & Hazel's. (If you missed Chopper Girl on Halloween, here's your chance.) 9 p.m.


Sing For Your Supper - A benefit for a new documentary about Memphis music featuring live entertainment by The Bluff City Backsliders, Jeff Evans & Ross Johnson, Jump Back Jake. 7:00 p.m. @ the Buccaneer, $7.00 at the door, $3.00 for a BBQ plate. (mmm!)


Art Openings:

MIFA Holiday Card Reception - Unveiling for the annual MIFA Christmas card featuring the work of Stefanie Goodwiller. Sat., Nov. 4, 1-3 p.m. Artists on Central, 2256 Central, Memphis (Midtown), 726-0330.
"Selections from the Graceland Portfolio" - photographs by William Eggleston. Fri., Nov. 3, 6-8:30 p.m. and Sat., Nov. 4, 1-4 p.m. Lisa Kurts Gallery, 766 S. White Station, 683-6200.
New Paintings - by Susan Maakestad and Elizabeth Alley. Sat., Nov. 4, 6-8 p.m. Perry Nicole Fine Art, 3086 Poplar, Memphis (East Memphis), 405-6000.


Rock 4 Refuge - Benefit concert for the children of Uganda, Africa featuring The Afters, Fireworks Over London, Last Winter, Hey Heidi-Rae, and Hundred Year Storm. Sat., Nov. 4, 7:30 p.m. $12, 619-7917. Agricenter International, 7777 Walnut Grove, Memphis (Cordova), info, 452-2151.
Robby Grant & Alicja Trout - Play Vending Machine, Black Sunday, Mouse Rocket et cetera at Otherlands at 7:00 p.m.
Muledonkey Stomp - Makeshift artist showcase, FREE! The lineup: 8-830 Two Way Radio; 845-915 Paul Taylor; 930-10 the Coach and 4; 1015-1045 Augustine; 1100-1130 The Glass; 1145-1215 Holly*; 1215-1245 Blair Combest*; 1245-??? Brad Postlethwaite* (*= backed by the Makeshift Mafia) At the Gibson Lounge, doors open at 7:00 p.m., show starts promptly at 8:00.
Guacos, Withdrawals, True Sons of Thunder, Bloody Foot of Rock - Murphy's, Rock O' Clock (yeah, I said it,) probably $5.00.


Memphis Fashion Weekend - FHM magazine model search with music by DJs Cody Rogers and A-Bos on Fri., Nov. 3. Fashion show with a live-music after-party featuring DJs Mary Jane, John Clark, Dirty, and Adam Freeland on Sat., Nov. 4. Fri.-Sat., Nov. 3-4. $20 model search/$30 fashion show. The Gibson Showcase, 145 Lt. George W. Lee, (Downtown), 544-7998 ext. 4080.

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I'm not actually slacking off.

Who knew launching a magazine would be so much work?

Ok, well, to be honest I was aware of what I was getting into, but it's seriously sinking in, now. So much to think about, things I've been around and known about and helped with, but thing's I've never been personally in charge of. Coming up with editorial schedules, assigning writers, page budgets, ads, printers, permissions for images, booking models and photographers, securing wardrobe, designing a logo and banner, et cetera. Basically the list goes on and on and I'm a mad woman lately, so if you see me out at all, I'll probably be self-medicating a nervous breakdown!

You could make me feel better by buying an ad. Seriously!

There's a lot going on this weekend, let me type it up so that you may be informed.