Best bets for Halloween night.

So basically, I'm a little torn between two big shows tonight.

The first involves Memphis' premier female gangster rapper, Chopper Girl. (I guess she's gangster rap. Whatever. It sounds better.) She's backed by some of my favorite musicians calling themselves Memphis Babylon. It's pretty awesome. Secret Service and Final Solutions are also playing, both of them a strong draw on their own. Basically, this show is a mixed bag, covering a collection of genres and guaranteeing some wicked costumes and antics. Plus, it's beer bust night and though the keg won't last long, it will still be a bargain.

The only thing is that the last, like, 4 times I've been to the Hi Tone, the draw of the couch in the "green room" (godforsaken nasty pube pin cushion it is,) has been irresistible and I more or less spend the evening there surrounded by a collection of stoners and drunks. Don't get me wrong, it's a good time, but the musical listening experience definitely suffers.

The other option is Murphy's, which, frankly I'm strongly leaning towards. It's sort of a tradition for me to see the Shitfits on Halloween in Memphis. I think I've inadvertently ended up seeing them the last 2 years. I used to bad mouth them a lot, but I was drunk and grouchy because my costume never works out. Lately though, I've decided the only possibly better Misfits cover band has got to be the Misfats. So we're pretty lucky.

On top of the Shitfits, though, you've got the Whoremoans, another notoriously fun cover band. An all female Ramones cover band isn't exactly original, but these girls pull it off really well and lately I've had more fun at their shows than any other.

Topping the Murphy's lineup off is Thin King and Bloody Foot of Rock, and shamefully I know nothing about either. I could probably find some interesting facts about them or tell you who is in the band, but I'm lazy and don't care and I just decided that the Shitfits and the Whoremoans are enough to bring me out and it doesn't even matter if these other two suck, which I doubt, a lot, but whatever.

By the way, I tried to dress up as Marla Singer from Fight Club According to Bunnies over the weekend, but I kept feeling weird about the bunny ears and tail, so I took them off and ended up looking like a roughed up Lithuanian hooker. Maybe I'll try again tonight. Maybe as a zombie extra from Night of the Living Dead According to Bunnies, but zombies are so overplayed, lately.

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Halloween Radio.

Just found this awesome tidbit while perusing the WEVL Web site:

Eight hours of Halloween themed radio broadcasting in a handy pop-up flash player free from the Public Broadcasting Exchange. It's good stuff.




So, you may have noticed the side bar over there says something about a new magazine edition of PulpFaction.org.

It's true, we're launching PulpFaction.mag in December and basically it's going to be awesome. As far as I know, it will be the only independent, locally owned print media outlet focused on the things you and I love the best: Midtown and Downtown Memphis arts, music, film, food, booze, people, entertainment, et cetera.

Keep an eye out for more details over the weekend, and let me know if you're interested in helping out with a real grassroots media effort!



Don't forget the Rock N' Romp

Ok, so if you don't have little ones or you were able to book a sitter for Friday night, chances are you are not going to be in the mood for live music and daylight by mid aftrnoon on Saturday, but I wanted to post this anyway. Just in case you are. Memphis Rock 'N' Romp

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Free and worth checking out: The Low Lows Tonight @ the Deli

Part of the free "On the Road" series at the Deli, The Low Lows, formerly of Parker and Lily, are playing tonight around 10:00 or so.
The Low Lows grew out of the spacey dream-pop minimalism of Parker & Lily: Parker Noon, lead singer and songwriter, named his new band after the final album he made as a duo with Lily Wolfe. Musicians recruited to work with Parker & Lily-- multi-instrumentalist Daniel Rickard and drummer Jeremy Wheatley-- have joined Noon in the Low Lows, and while Wolfe appears on Fire on the Bright Sky, playing organ and contributing a song, she won't be part of the trio going forward. So at a glance, not much has changed for the musicians who comprise the Low Lows, but the new group feels like the work of an entirely different group of people. Rather than the hints of twee and dinky electronics that characterized Parker & Lily, Fire on the Bright Sky draws on country by way of grimy back alleys; it's creepy, lo-fi, rough around the edges, and dark of heart. Relative to Parker & Lily, the Low Lows have thickened the production and changed the backdrop and lighting, readying the stage for Noon's tales of gothic Americana. [Via Pitchfork, where they garnered a 7.3]
Check them out and go see them. It's totally rainy October night music.

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A few of my favorite things:

These are just too awesome today.



Another day, another Halloween Party.

Slims2006_Poster Slims2006_Poster_Back Free beer, but a $15.00 cover (since you WILL go in costume, right?) Everything's a trade off. On the upside, IGM stands for, I think, Industrial Ghetto Metal and I told Tommy from the Glass (I think! Everything's so hazy, these days,) that we were definitely going to see these guys the next time they played. Something about a totally stupid big drum kit and some sick beats. Or something. This was discussed late afternoon at Cooper Young Fest, if you catch my drift.


This week in Flyers.

memphis_indie_oct deathdisco SOULNIGHTFLY honeywest dmp_front dmp_back Halloweenposter If you have a flyer I haven't listed, you should totally send it to me. Also, I'm updating the calendar in the sidebar and you should check it out.




So, I was just looking forward to an awesome girl punk night with GitoGito Hustler and Whoremoans at Murphy's, but it actually happened last night while I was sitting at home trying to make a deadline and watching Grey's Anatomy over a cup of herbal tea. Anyone have pictures? LISTEN: GitoGito Myspace


Rock tunes and a $6.00 beer bust.

Why has the cost of the beer bust gone up? It's still the same semi-warm Pabst.


Wednesday Update.

So...Over the weekend, Friday night, to be precise, I "lost" my purse. Basically, this means that sometime after Richard James and The Special Riders quit playing at the Buc and I went to a house party across the street from Kudzu's, I started mixing my liquors at 4:00am and ended up misplacing my purse. And my keys, phone, new Blueprint magazine (which I've changed my mind about, it's fabulous,) and my half-read copy of Free Gift with Purchase. My favorite word lately is "Tragic". It pretty much sums things up.


Ron Franklin @ Gibson Indie-Memphis After Party

Via Jump Back Jake:
Ron Franklin, entertainer, and composer for the film "Nobody," which is debuting Thursday night at Indie-Memphis, will be playing Gibson directly after the screening with special guest DeeJay Jeffery Evans. Be there or be square. $7 bucks. Real Cool Time



Augustine, Colour Revolt, The Glass @ the Deli, Friday

Augustine, The Glass, Colour Revolt



Shangri-la Weekend

Saturday, check out Shangri-la Projects Record Release party for Austin Texas' For Her And the Snow with guest stars Steve Selvidge, Doug Easley and Robert Barnett. The Wallendas are supporting, on at 10:30. $5.00 @ the Hi Tone, ladies in for 1/2 price before 10:00! Then on Sunday... recordswap


Rock-N-Romp breeds baby envy.

I was just checking out the Fertile Ground blog to see what's going on with the parent types in town when I came across this post on the Rock-N-Romp that took place around the last of September. It looks awesome! I've heard about these little get-togethers before, looks like basically an uber-kid friendly rock show to foster creativity and music appreciation in The Offspring of Awesome Parents. They always have stellar lineups and nice afternoon weekend timeframes. (Usually about the time I wake up and start looking for something to do instead of laundry.) ALMOST makes me want a kid so I don't look like a jerk when I show up at the next one. Maybe I can just borrow one? Anyway, this time around they featured Two Way Radio among others, which I mention because sometime a couple of weeks ago I made that post about how you should trademark your band name and I couldn't remember what The Band Formerly Known As Walkie Talkie was presently known as. So I just thought I'd throw that little update in there. Oh, check out their llama. LISTEN: Two_Way_Radio-Fortune_Teller.mp3

David Bazan @ the Hi Tone Tonight

I almost missed this one. Can't have that happening! When I first heard Pedro the Lion, David Bazan's whiny-ass emo voice annoyed the hell out of me. It just wasn't my style. This was the sort of stuff I was accustomed of making fun of, for chrissakes. But then, a couple of tracks ended up on a "Songs That Remind Me of You" mix which happened to be one of 3 CD's I took with me to Alaska, and by virtue of repitition and sentimentality, the man grew on me like a cancer. Next thing I new, I was singing his tunes at the top of my lungs while I stumbled around on the tundra with a bottle of Southern Comfort. (It's amazing what you'll drink when it reminds you of home!) This new-found fondness was further solidfied last year with countless car-trips in combination with a boyfriend who was practically more in love with Pedro the Lion than he was me. (Just kidding!) The point is, though, is that David Bazan is playing at the Hi Tone tonight and if he hasn't already gotten under your skin with his PtL stuff, give him a chance with his solo stuff. It's similar, just a little more bearded hipster Singer/Songwriter and and ever-so-slightly less emo and diphthong.

Odds and ends, catching up.

ONE) I went camping over the weekend on Spring River outside of Hardy, Arkansas. I haven't been camping since I was maybe 12 or so. It was SO perfect. I got some work done with my feet in the river and the sun in my eyes. I listened to waterfalls and crickets and leaves blowing in the wind and the occassional passing train and the crackle of the fire while I fell asleep. I ate some good food and scored a cute vintage overnight bag for $2.00 with plans to renovate it into my new laptop case. Awesome. TWO) Just called my old publisher at the magazine I was working for this time last year. I was all nervous, not sure why, maybe because the last time I saw her she was firing me. Anyway, we're going to hang out next week and catch up and maybe she'll give me some advice on organizing my magazine. Can't wait to see her. I don't really understand her sometimes, but overall we really got along and she's been a huge inspiration to me. THREE) Sucks to be handling a bunch of designer merchandise and selling it at unbelievable prices on eBay and still not be able to afford it. (I have to save money, may have to dip into my own pocket for the first issue of the magazine.) Anyway, this is what I do all day.


Historic Lincoln-American and First United Methodist Church burn.

Wow, just popped over to Paul Ryburn's blog and discovered that, basically, Downtown was ablaze last night. This was the Lincoln-American Tower before: This is after: What a tragedy! It was just this past August when I read about this beautiful historic building finally getting some grants to become the gorgeous apartment building it deserved to be. Anyway, read Paul's blog and this news story. Here's a picture I took of the church this spring: The absence of these buildings is sure going to leave some gaps in Downtown.

Film Fest Preview Party tonight at Burke's

Come on out, everyone loves a party:
Tonight, Craig Brewer and Burke's Book Store host a preview party for the Indie Memphis Film, a project of Delta Axis. This event highlights local storytellers and the filmmakers featured in the weeklong Indie Memphis Film Festival, October 13-19. It's at Burke's Book Store, 1719 Poplar Avenue, 7 to 11 p.m. Live music and trailers for the films to be premiered at the film festival along with trailers for Craig Brewer's forthcoming movie, "Black Snake Moan," will be presented in an outdoor theater at Burke's. Brewer will also sign "Black Snake Moan" posters for any one who makes a purchase that evening from Burke's. The Preview Party is free and open to the public. Indie Memphis Film Festival passes will be sold this night only for a discounted price of $50 each (regular price $60) The passes provide admission to all films during the festival, and also guarantee a ticket to the special performance on Saturday October 14th, of Alloy Orchestra's live soundtrack to the 1925 Phantom of the Opera film. Burke's Book Store: http://www.burkesbooks.com


Will Rhode's $5MIL break make up for WLYX?

What's going on at the Arts Leadership: New Directions convention:
A music mogul announced Thursday that he wants to invest in the Bluff City. Producer Mike Curb announced he would give Rhodes College a $5 million grant to fund a music institute, to focus on Memphis' rich musical legacy. More
EJ on the state of Memphis Radio.


Dixie Dirt's back together!

Just got a MySpace bulletin from Dixie Dirt saying they're back together and working on a new album. First show set for the World Grotto in Knoxville on October 20th. How cool is that? Listen to the song that made me cut all my hair off: Dixie Dirt - Appetite.mp3
* Obviously, I tend to slack a bit at my real job on Wednesdays, but I've been working my ass off this week so I think my boss will understand.

Before you go see Frank Black at the New Daisy...

Check out Jump Back Jake & The Upstart Rhythm Section. They've been rockin' the smooth nouveau soul sound at Trolley Tour in front of the AA the last few months, but catch them, some good BBQ, and some awesome threads at Light Years this Saturday. Just don't forget to go see Frank, ok? Listen: Jump Back Jake & The Upstart Rhythm Section - I Won't Leave Her.mp3 * Jump Back Jake & The Upstart Rhythm Section - Pay No Mind Electric.mp3 * Frank Black - Seven Days.mp3

So maybe you should go ahead and get that name trademarked while you still can, huh?

First it was Tim Raygun, then the band formerly known as Walkie Talkie had problems, and now Memphis alt-rock act Augustine (And all these other Augustines) is forced to change its name. The worse part? This Augustine only registered the trademark a week ago! The point is, do a little research and get that trademark taken care of while you still can. You might be able to fight your way out of it if somebody does it first, but that could get expensive and all these guys will tell you it's a pain in the ass to have to change a name, and can cause some serious damage if you've already put out material with this name. Just go ahead and do it before some shitty metal act from Hawaii steals it out from under you. Check out:
Music Law: Trademark/Copyright Bands Names How to Trademark Your Band Name United States Patent and Trademark Office FAQS
Augustine-Red & Blue.mp3 Augustine-Roll Commercial.mp3