Last Trolley Tour of the year.

I don't know how he does it, (or why!) but Cort definitely keeps me amused.


Goner Fest Afterparties.

God, just thinking about even being able to type at work tomorrow is daunting enough with the prospect of the GF3 debauchery on the horizon, but then they have to go and throw after parties into the mix. Tonight: Buckwilders and Co. at the Buccaneer keeps the tunes going until you pass out under the table. Friday: The stuff at Murphy's. DJ's, beer, drunkeness. You know the speil. 'Till 3am, then we move it to the Piggly Wiggly parking lot. Also Friday: The Barbaras, The Guacos, The Pink Reason @ The Armory. Sloppy. Saturday: Antique Curtains, Tanlines, Jeff Evans, Mestrels @ Murphy's. Is it over yet? Sunday: Of course not. The Black, Twin Pilot, Kazalok (AKA "And Now For Something Completely Different") @ The Buc. The End.

Goner Fest 3 playlist for the listless.

I just spent entirely too long compiling a Goner Fest 3 playlist for your listening pleasure. Check it.

WordPress Woes.

I didn't post yesterday because I was busy trying to switch my blog over to WordPress. I logged in to my hosting (I never login on that thing,) and discovered that they've made a bunch of improvements including a one-click WordPress installation. Awesome. So I do that and then I login to WordPress and they have what appears to be a really easy Blogger import system thing which seems to suggest that all I have to do to take care of this problem that I've been thinking about for about a year now is click one more button and voila, it's done. Well, it didn't work. Thank god I saved a backup of my template, or it would be gone. Even as it is, I'm pissed that a lot of my posts lost a bunch of formatting and look like crap now. Whatever. I don't know what I was expecting. I'll try again later.


The low-down on Goner Fest '06.

Ok, to be fair, I'm not really sharing anything that isn't already on the Goner Fest Blog. Just thought I'd help distribute the information, is all. Lineup: Here (With links to lots of music.) Gossip: Goner Board Video: Goner Fest 2005 Tickets: $12 per night / $30 for a 3 day pass. Buy tickets with credit card via Ticketweb here. Buy tickets via check/money order via Goner.

The new Mac invokes the tech talk.

I grew up on PCs. I started hanging out in AOL chat rooms thanks to one incredible dinosaur as young as the age of probably 10 or so, and I had an internet boyfriend (who I never met and never exchanged inappropriate conversation with!) by the age of 11. His screen name was SHADDEAU, and he sent me roses like this: @-->--. Anyway, the point of this is only to illustrate how long I've been using PCs. And frankly, I didn't have a lot of complaints about them until I started using macs every now and again. I thought computers fucked up. That's just what machines DO! Sometimes they freak out and stop working and I guess I started feeling like fixing the stupid things was half the fun of owning them. Whatever. I am so over that. Plus, I'm into publishing, and even though PCs are functional with a lot of the software I like, they are in no way ideal for it, so I started looking for a mac to get acquainted with last week. I wanted something relatively inexpensive, but functional. Definitely a laptop, since it turns out I just seem to work better at bars. I figured I'd probably end up with one of the early titanium or aluminum G4 ones, you know, the ones that pretty much look like the newest models, except slower and stuff. Well, I started looking around [Editor's note: If this is boring you already, you should probably definitely not finish it.] and discovered that this interesting little machine from 2000 called, androgynous enough, the PowerBook G3 (AKA Pismo or Firewire,) is every bit as powerful as the first titanium G4 models, more durable, better sound, as fast if not slightly faster processing, and perhaps to this date the most upgradeable mac laptop ever. In fact, a lot of mac fanatics still hold on to theirs because they're still doing everything they need them to do without a hitch. Awesome. So anyway, I just bought one. This one, to be exact. I plan on adding a bigger hard drive (good 80GB HD goes for about $65.00,) getting the 550mhz G4 processor upgrade ($239.00), and maybe adding some RAM (getting an additional 256mb for $40.00, or 512mb for about $100.00, but there's room for up to 1GB, so who knows) and either an Airport or PCMCIA card for wireless. Though I'll definitely sink several hundred dollars more into this machine to get it up to my ideal, I can do it as I go along and in the meantime I have a perfectly functional laptop with some serious retro appeal. And, if when I've upgraded as much as I can and find I still need a more powerful machine, I'll will definitely be able to sell it for more than I put into it. (Pismos with the G4 upgrade already in place are in high demand on eBay.) /end tech talk The last perk? I love the idea of owning the same laptop that Carrie Bradshaw used.


Then along came Tuesday.

twTrainwreck, Rolling Chip Thunders Young Avenue Deli Doors at 9pm, $12 Magnolia Electric Co & Catfish HavenMagnolia Electric Co., Catfish Haven Hi Tone Cafe Doors at 9pm, $8 Tuesday pick: Viva L'American Deathray Music, KazalokKazalok, Viva L'American Deathray Music The Buccaneer Doors at 9pm, $5 Ok, so even though Magnolia Electric Co. is playing the Hi Tone with Catfish Haven (Check out this review over at Loudersoft, another Memphis-based blog,) and Tenacious D dude Kyle is playing the Deli with his Train Wreck, I'm totally making what's going down at the Buccaneer my must-see show of the Tuesday because, well, because Viva L'American Deathray Music is the shit and you rarely get to see them play in Memphis. And that's why should go, too, but if that's not enough for you check this: - It is the cheapest show in town by $3.00 - It is Kazalok's second to last show ever. Supposedly.

Mel Brooks @ The Hi Tone?

Mel Brooks Movie Night @ the Hi ToneMel Brooks Movie Night The Hi Tone Cafe 9pm, No Cover Yes, Monday night is Movie Night at the Hi Tone Cafe. All it says on the Web site is "Mel Brooks, no cover!!" Don't know which Mel Brooks movie, all of them? I sort of like the mixed bag aspect of this. I wonder if there are drink specials. This could be an awesome way to spend a Monday night, I might even make it a habit thanks to the up-coming Burt Reynolds, Audrey Hepburn and Peter Sellers nights. See you out.*
* As always, Pulpfaction makes no gaurantees as to the quality of the event in question. There are also no gaurantees expressed or implied as to whether or not I will actually see you at this venue or any other on the night indicated.



Ok, so I got the events list back up on the sidebar. I'm using Upcoming.org to put things through. They've made a lot of improvements since the last time I used them and I like it alot. Still, it would be nice if people listed their own events! (Hint, hint.) Also, anyone know anything about Wordpress? I want to switch off Blogger in the worse way, but I'm not really sure how to go about doing it. That and the fact that I have cumbersome hosting at Globat. (I hate them, never use them.) It looks like I'm babysitting my sisters tonight so I will not get to enjoy any of the great things going on about town. Tomorrow night, however, it is on.


Hold me in your trampoline skin.

Last night: Wolfmother rocked at the New Daisy. All ages show, 7-year-old kids head banging, it was awesome. Listen. Tonight: Glass Candy at Murphy's. I like this review. Just ordered: Free Gift with Purchase: My Improbable Career in Magazines and Makeup by Lucky editor Jean Godfrey-June. Whoo!


The mood.


2 Chicks/Lights Years CY Fest Party: The Expanded Version.

Earlier I reported that Noise Choir will be playing the 2 Chicks & A Broom/Light Years Vintage CY Fest Backyard Party. Well, they are. But so are lots of other people, according to this:
Awesome. I wonder if I'll even be able to walk by the time these guys get going over at Murphy's.

Catching the vintage camera bug.

I knew it was only a matter of time until things started crossing my path that I couldn't pass up. It all starts with an old lady and her attic's cameras. Just scored a Spartus Full-Vue bakelite box camera and a Moviematic 3in1 for $25.00. They were selling for $10.00-$15.00 each on eBay so I made an offer, on the high end of their value, after closer inspection, to save them from a yard sale. The Spartus is kind of beat, obviously used a LOT. The shutter appears to be stuck and it needs some cleaning, don't know if I'll be able to really use it and it probably wasn't worth getting but we'll see. If I can get the shutter going, I'd love to take this one out to shows and see what happens. I wouldn't really be afraid of it getting hurt, but finding suitable light at night will be a problem since I don't have a flash for it. Pictures of the "new" Spartus: Spartus Full-Vue Spartus Full-Vue Spartus Full-Vue viewfinder Spartus Full-View The Moviematic, on the other hand, is awesome as is. Still in the box and super clean. The lady said it was given to her mom when some hospital closed? I don't know, but I'm really excited about trying this one out. It does 16mm reels, snapshots, and flip books. So much fun! Pictures of the Moviematic: Moviematic 3in1 Camera Moviematic 3in1 Camera Now if only the fine folks over the Information-Bureau will tell me where to buy film. I'm sure I've just caught some sort of vintage camera collecting bug. Now, hopefully my boss will get back from picking up his wife's new Range Rover in Dallas in time to pay me so my check will clear.


The flyer I've been waiting for.

HIGHLY recommended show! Via the Professor: This friday night, september 15th at 10pm, the third best five dollars you will ever spend will be your cover to get into murphy's and see the


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and, as if it needed to be any more of a party,

DJ Willmatic

come! drink! dance! and find out what the first and second best five bucks will be out by the storage facility!

Subtle improvements.

I updated my linkage today. Somewhat. It's still lacking lots of "stuff", I know, and I didn't check all the links yet, but it is what it is. Let me know of any glaring errors or omissions, please. Also, allow me to point out some of my favorite new additions. The Irene Press
I don't know who this is, I think she's local, but she has been turning me on to very cool things for about a year now. I just realized I didn't have a link on here, and had to fix that problem immediately!
Failed Pilot
The Andy Earle's brain child. Andy is a comedy and music writer. He's a funny guy and a Memphis commodity. You should read him.
See, Sip, Taste, Hear
Titillation for all the senses, from a Memphian's point of view. Totally mouth watering pictures and food reviews/recipes. Great tips on boxed wine!!!


An open letter to a virtual stranger.

You told me to send pictures last night. Not in some creepy "I want to see your boobs" kind of way, but suggesting that I should send pictures of things that inspire me, places I want to go, people I want to meet, et cetera. So I am. stolen treesThe first picture is a hazy polaroid of some tree branches. I don't know why I like it, I found it on a blog a few minutes ago and it reminded me of what I was supposed to be doing. It also reminds me of being a little girl. I had a lot of free time as a kid, since I didn't go to school. I spent a lot of time by myself in the woods, on my back, looking up at the sky through trees like this. Sometimes they had leaves on them, sometimes they were all naked and craigy, sometimes they sparkled like rock candy with frost and winter. People should spend more time on their backs under trees. They should also spend more time climbing trees, but should not climb trees when inebriated and wearing green eel skin heels and too-tight pencil skirts. Bearded CollieNext is a picture of my dog, Cujo. Or rather, what Cujo would look like if he weren't a mud-eating scoundrel. Cujo has schizophrenic tendencies, I would say. He refuses to be an inside dog, and prefers to live under an old pick-up truck in my parent's back yard in Mississippi. (I'll send pictures of this later.) He spends his days rolling around in dirt pits like some fuzzy wildebeast and enjoys racing around the yard barking incessantly everytime it thunders. Rock Star JuicedNext we have the nutrition label of a 16 oz. can of Rockstar Juiced. I am currently trying out a diet which requires me to drink two of these a day, instead of eating. I call it the "Pulpfaction Meal Replacement Plan". I think it's going to turn me into a the taurine equivalent of a crack whore, but we'll see. IMG_9272And finally, a picture of my moped in Hawaii. I loved that thing. The first day i tried to ride it, I crashed it into my boss' car and created a massive bruise on my thigh, but eventually we learned how to get along. It took me about 45 minutes to get to the point in the picture from my house, going a maximum of 35 mph on a twisting little road up into the Moloka'i highlands. That place, that drive, soothed my soul and my head and I'm not sure, but I think I might almost regret coming home, though I usually try very hard to have an attitude of no regrets. Hope you have a wonderful day, and I hope the Irish man is not too smelly and the old grouchy New Yorker's are not too grouchy and the tasks set before you are neither too menial nor too difficult and that you are happy and enjoy the walk home.


The Pulpfaction meal replacement plan!

Forget Rock Star:Supernova, there's a new Rockstar in town!!! When the weather gets hot, my coffee intake tends to taper off!!! I just don't need warm liquid raising my average internal body temperature!! I want to drink something cold!!! Carbonated! Sweet! Fruity!! And still caffeinated!!! Some of my favorites have always been TAB Energy, Full Throttle, Red Bull, and for it's name alone, Pimp Juice!! But I have a new favorite! Rockstar Juiced!!! Here's the good things!!! (based on an 8 oz. serving size.)
70% pure fruit juice; 100% DV of B3, B5, B6, B12, and C; 200% DV of B2; Taurine: 1000mg; Guarana: 25mg; Inositol: 25mg; L-carnitine: 25mg; Panax ginseng: 25mg; Milk thistle: 20mg; Ginkgo: 15mg; Caffeine: 80mg PLUS a little bit of Calcium and Protein.
Not so good!!!
Amount per serving: Calories 105; Sodium: 15mg; Total carbs: 27g; Sugars: 25g
But no fat, if you're drinking it instead of eating something, and then burning a lot of calories off by fidgeting or doing whatever you do when you're completely buzzed, then it's ok!!! Want to know what all that stuff does?!?! Read this breakdown, it's interesting!! And then read Taurine Rules, the energy drink blog!!! I'll let you know how it works out and stuff!!!


Pulpfaction Classic.

Tuesday 9/12/06 Ted Leo & The Pharmicists with The Glass @ The Hi Tone Cafe $10.00 adv | $12.00 at the door *I believe this is the new line up for the Glass, working on old songs as a three piece arrangement, with some new songs as well. Should be interesting whether you're familiar with their work or not! Wednesday 9/13/06 Guacos, Bloody Foot of Rock, Dirty Johnny & The Makebelieves @ The Buccaneer *This is the Guacos first show with new drummer Abe from the Oscars, et cetera. Seth said they now sound like TurboNegro. We'll see. Bloody Foot of Rock is some insanity out of the Evergreen Mansion. Eva Destructions birthday party. Come have fun. Elf Power, Rind Stars @ Hi Tone Cafe The Glass @ Court Square Thursday 09/14/06 The Appleseed Cast, Unwed Sailor, Murder By Death @ Hi Tone Friday 09/15/06 Esque (CD RELEASE SHOW) with Twin Pilot @ Murphy's Electric Room, Rind Stars @ The Buccaneer Saturday 09/16/06 Cooper-Young Festival
Stage Time East 12:30:00 PM Val June East 1:30:00 PM Chess Club East 2:30:00 PM The Lights East 3:30:00 PM Jamie Randolph East 4:30:00 PM Arma Secreta Congo 11:30:00 PM New Ballet Congo 12:15:00 PM Delta Groove Revolution Congo 1:15:00 PM FreeWorld Congo 2:15:00 PM Hope Clayburn Congo 3:15:00 PM Los Cantadores Congo 4:15:00 PM Afrissippi Cooper 12:30:00 PM David Brookings Cooper 1:30:00 PM Paul Taylor and Family Cooper 2:30:00 PM Kim Richardson and William Lee Ellis Cooper 3:30:00 PM Mark McKinney and Friends Cooper 4:30:00 PM HalfAcre Gunroom Main 11:30:00 PM Rhythm Realm Main 12:15:00 PM U of M Jazz band Main 1:15:00 PM Rev. Whalum and New Olivet Choir Main 2:15:00 PM Esque Main 3:15:00 PM Tunnel Clones Main 4:15:00 PM Brad Postlewaite and Friends Main 5:15:00 PM The Bo Keys and Al Kapone
Noise Choir Backyard Party @ Two Chicks & A Broom | 2:00pm [EDIT: Added following entry 09/12/06] Tyler Keith @ Goner Records | 4:00pm Makeshift Showcase featuring: Holly Cole, J.D. Reager, Brad Postlethwaite, Paul Taylor, and The Coach & Four @ Otherlands | 7:00-11:00 Secret Service & Shake It Like a Caveman @ Buccaneer Be Your Own PET, Cheap Time, The Pumpers, Boston Chinks @ Murphy's

An Open Letter to Ted Leo.

TedLeoFinalTed Leo and The Pharmacists with The Glass 9pm doors $10 advance | $12 day of Dear Ted Leo, I went to your show in Memphis last year. Sort of. I was totally broke and I really didn't know who you were so I sat on the roof and listened through the sky light with a bottle of vodka. Later, after they stopped charging cover at the door, I went inside and enjoyed the crowd and a couple of songs before you finished the set. You were very nice to me, even though I was pretty much completely drunk. I lost my favorite ring throwing bottles into the trash can just to hear them break. I sent my 19 year old friend home with another friend of mine, he was freaked out because she was drunk and playing my harmonica while they walked down Poplar at 3:00am and she kept accidentally showing him her panties. When I got there, he and I spooned for the first time and then we started dating. We broke up a few months ago. Whatever, it's for the best. But anyway, this year, I hope to actually go inside the Hi Tone instead of sitting on top of it. So I can enjoy your whole show and though I may drink, I will not get completely plastered and I hope we can talk some more. Thanks, Rachel Drinkard


The proverbial fountainhead.

I've been spending a lot of time working lately, mostly on the computer and mostly at some dimly lit bar with a beer at my elbow and a cigarette smoldering in the ash tray. It's good to be out like this, like am now, at the Buccaneer. Things going on all around me, but I focus better like this and I am far more productive than I would be at home. (Believe me, I've tried.) The point of this ramble is that the more time I spend out, the more I realize how much stuff is going on that nobody really hears about. There is no cohesive package for Memphis entertainment, this is still an area that is lacking a bit and it's still something I can work on. So I think I will. In addition to my other projects, which are suddenly abundant. A word of caution, I may be down for a couple of days as I'm planning to switch servers and I'm actually not quite sure how it's going to work out. But I'll be back. I promise.