PulpFaction Goes Travelogue.

PulpFaction will be taking a break from its regularly scheduled programming to bring you an outsider's view from inside Moloka'i, Hawai'i. I will be leaving friday for "The Friendly Island" for a one month Journalism internship at the Molokai Island Times. While I'm there, expect lots of pictures, tips and inside information on the best this "Most Haiwaiian" of the islands has to offer. You can also check me out on the Commercial Appeal's Beale Street Music Blog 2006. I'll be doing some profiles of my favorite acts appearing at Tom Lee Park this year. (Remotely, of course.)


Tuesday: Caspian, The Family Ghost, The Extras @ Murphy's

Tonight at Murphy's: Memphis' The Family Ghost, Caspian from Boston, and The Extras. Doors around 9:00pm, probably a $5.00 cover. I should mention, False Start, the debut release from The Family Ghost, is one of my favorite local albums so far this year (and they've been coming out left and right,lately.) It brings to mind all the great things I used to love about, well, art rock sorts of music. Sonic Youth, Joy Division, et cetera. They really are unlike anything else in Memphis and are definitely worth a good listen. Thanks to the Professor for making sure I pay them the attention they deserve. Caspian-Cigarette.mp3 The Family Ghost-A Series of False Starts.m4a

Thursday: The Secret Service

The Secret Service plays the Hi Tone this Thursday with The Birds of Avalon and The Final Solutions. Basically a good blend of rock, psych, and well, dark wave punk whatever. You should go. The Secret Service: TiredofRunningAway.mp3 WorkinTooHard.mp3 The Birds of Avalon: KeepItTogether.mp3 BicentennialBaby.mp3


In case you've been wondering, posting has been slow lately because I've been investing a lot of time on a new project which will expand and improve on the ideas behind "PulpFaction". More details will be forthcoming, and look for a launch of the final project in around the end of the month!


Thursday: The Expanded Edition

I know there's a lot going on tonight, so I thought I'd help you out with an itinerary:
9:00pm: Swing by Murphy's to catch Harlan T. Bobo's early show. 10:00pm: Head over to the Deli to catch Snoell opening up for Asobi Seksu. 10:45pm: Go across the street to Dish to wish the Memphis Scene a Happy Birthday with the Dish DJs. 11:15pm: Back to the Deli to catch Asobi Seksu! Seriously, it'll be an awesome show. 12:00am: Go over to the Buc to end your evening at Buck Wilder's Birthday Bash with the Buccanneer Beer Bust!!!
Yeah, it's going to be a long night.


Thursday: The Guacos and Asobi Seksu at the Deli

Last year when Asobi Seksu played Memphis, people came to see Viva L'American Deathray Music. They stayed for this lush shoegaze soundscape from Brooklynn. Come see what they stuck around for and check out new songs from the upcoming release "Citrus" this Thursday night at the Young Avenue Deli. Doors at 9pm, $8.00. Local punk rock small-stage staple, The Guacos featuring members from The Circuit Benders and The Original Three, will see what they can do with wide open spaces as the first act. Asobi Seksu: It's Too Late.mp3 Islands.mp3 The Guacos: HopeHope You're Happy Now.mp3 Life's Just Passin'.mp3