Recap: Shangri La Record Swap

Ok, maybe it was a little more like a parking lot party. Regardless of what you call it, though, there was sort of a party going on last Sunday afternoon at Shangri La Records on Madison. Noise Choir played, records, books and posters were bought and sold, general good times were had by all. Next time you hear about it, you should go. See More Pictures Here

Friday: The Gris Gris at The Hi Tone Cafe


This Is Memphis On A Good Day

The Goner Fest 2005 Trailer seems to do a pretty good job of capturing what the debacle is all about. Check the Live From Memphis store periodically for the DVD. [via Rachelandthecity]

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Obviously the calendar is falling into disrepair. I should be updating that tonight. Thanks.


Friday: One More for the Road

This Damn Town from Austn, Tx.
Black-Wave rock 'n' roll extravaganza at the Buccaneer tonight. This Damn Town from Austin plays with Alicja Trout's local act, Black Sunday, and Seattle's New Fangs. Show starts around 10:30 or 11:00, $5.00 cover. In the mean time, check out this Polyrock cover by Black Sunday: Romantic Me.mp3

Friday: All this and more.

  • Marah & More TBA at the Hi Tone. $10.00, 9:00pm.
  • Organ Theif, Soul Enforcers, Electric Dolls at Murphy's. $5.00, 9:00pm.
  • 3.19.2006

    Monday: Dirty on Purpose at the Deli

    I was lucky enough to catch a last minute free show from these guys last year as they made their way to Austin and was rather pleased with their plucky, upbeat blend of shoegaze pop (Everyone says "Yo La Tengo" somewhere around here). Since that time, the band seems to have lost key vocalist Erika Forster so I'm curious as to what they might sound like on stage these days. Despite this potential setback, DoP continues to gain momentum in native NYC and around the US as they tour and hit SXSW once again. From a recentGlide Magazine review:
    The flipside to Oakley Hall’s comfort music was the noise rock of Dirty on Purpose, but oh what sweet melodious noise it was. The art of messing with knobs, feedback and bows-on-6-strings, is a tricky one. It’s easy to lose the music inside the ruckus if there is no song structure to hold up the din, the act becomes old very quickly. Good thing for Dirty on Purpose they have the skills to make it work, with a great band name and Sonic Youth Light sound, Doug Marvin, George Wilson, Joe Jurewicz, and DJ Boudreau are ready to stampede through the indie rock world.
  • Web site.
  • My Space.
  • Tour Journal. Dirty On Purpose-Girls and Sunshine.mp3 Dirty On Purpose-All New Friends.mp3 Dirty On Purpose-Monument.mp3 Check them out yourself Monday, March 20, with The Lights and maybe somebody else (Emergency Music had to cancel) at the Young Avenue Deli. Doors at 9:00pm, $5.00 cover.
  • 3.09.2006

    Do You Know About Daily Candy?

    I got turned onto Daily Candy, most recently in the news for being put up for sale for about $100 million, about a year ago by some co-workers of mine. Turns out it's quite popular in some circles, and I was surprised I hadn't heard of it. I'm glad I have now, though! The girls (I'm going to assume they are mostly female,) over at DC send short, colorful and witty e-mails out pointing us towards the best new products out there. If you're lucky enough to live in a city with a local edition, you'll get additional reviews and recommendations for restaurants and local shops, too! Anyway, just thought I'd share.

    Friday: Coach & Four Farewell Show

    Coach & Four and Arma Secreta at the Vault on Highland (entrance at R.P. Billiards). These guys are well worth seeing. They play rarely enough as it is, but with key player Brad Stanfill off to Hawaii for an undetermined amount of time, you may never get another chance to see them. Don't miss it.

    Thursday: DJ's are Everywhere.

    At Dish: And at the Buc: Buck Wilders and The Hook Up DJ the regular soul dance party.


    Tonight: Aqualung at the Young Avenue Deli

    Aqualung (A name which has nothing to do with Jethro Tull,) tonight at the Deli with Brad Postlethwaite and Friends. Doors at 9:00pm, $6.00 cover. From PopMatters:
    The importance of space is too often overlooked in the modern school of songwriting. No, it's not that modern songs have any lack of references to the stars, the Sun, the rings of Saturn, or anything you could see with a good, hard look up into the sky. Rather, there's so much of a push to fill every nook and cranny of every song with sound that the modern pop song rarely has time to reflect or room to breathe. Matt Hales is seeking to change that.
    Aqualung - Good Times Gonna Come.mp3


    Your weekend guide to Memphis.

    I'm leaving for the weekend. Here's pretty much everything you need to know and some you don't. Friday
  • The River City Tanlines, The Dutch Masters, The Tuff Luvs and the Late Night Killers play Murphy's.
  • On A Dead Machine, Crippled Nation, Organ Thief, Aurora play Newby's.
  • Arma Secreta, While I Breathe I Hope, and Park play the Rally Point on Highland. All ages show, $5.00.
  • Staxtacular '06.
  • Rosie Flores and Dan Montgomery at Otherlands.
  • The Spores play the Buccaneer.
  • Sol Kontrol and The Iron Mic Coalition play the Complex.
  • Roots Reggae and Dub selections by Cush Culture @ Java Cabana.
  • Robert Fripp plays the Hi Tone with his Soundscape extravaganza. This is a non-smoking show!
  • Opening day for The Northwest Passage at the Memphis Zoo. All day, $8.00-$13.00 admission.
  • Opening day for the Memphis Cotton Museum at 65 Union Ave. 10:00am-5:00pm, $3-$5 admission, call 531-7826 for details.
  • Saturday
  • WEVL FM 90 Benefit Concert with Impala, Vending Machine, Harlan T. Bobo, Brad Postlethwaite & Friends, DJ Buck Wilders, and Monsieur Jeffrey Evans at the Hi Tone.
  • Man Alive, Transition, Thin Dark Line, The Holiday, Brooklyn UK, Wicker play the Skate Park of Memphis.
  • The Family Ghost CD Release Party with DJ No Man at Murphy's.
  • Nick Pagliari plays the P&H Cafe.
  • The Perfect Gentleman, King Louie, Evil Army play the Buccaneer.
  • New IMAX movie opens at the Pink Palace Museum, Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon (a Tom Hanks project, it would seem).
  • Sunday
  • Skate Contest at the Skate Park of Memphis. Free to watch, could be interesting.
  • The Oscars are on TV. Three Six Mafia will be performing the general audiences version of "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp". Read what Memphian Markus Seaberry has to say about that.
  • Giant Bear and John Garcia play the Hi Tone.
  • Have fun.