Wednesday: Kazalok & Monsier Jeffrey Evans

Uncle Dan's House of Smut says this about Monsieur Jeffrey Evans, formerly of The Gibson Bros. and '68 Comeback:
Going to see Jeffrey Evans play live is always a treat. Besides the fact that he never fails to deliver onstage, there's usually a laid-back energy in the air that ensures optimal comfort and enjoyment for the fortunate onlooker. It's almost like you're a kid again, sitting around with a friend, jamming on your favorite tunes, and reveling in the sheer fact that you're able to coax sound out of the guitar, period. No posturing and no politics--just a genuine love of music and the celebration of playing it.
Listen to Jeff Evans in the 68 Comback here. Stuff from his solo project here. The Man Who Loved Couch Dancing. Kazalok, on the other hand leaves this curious description on their MySpace site:
A cornucopia filled with sounds of shifting tectonic plates, the lamentations of fresh snow, and screams of seagulls. To be more specific, we are of the counterculture-acid dungeon-neolithic folk rock genre. In the threads of our diaphonously woven lyrical rugs, one will find overtones of space travel, Malthusian catastrophe, and eternal love (with strong undertones of Norse mythology, oak, and existentialism).
Whatever that means. Listen here. Wednesday, March 1st, 2006 at the Hi Tone Cafe. 10pm, $5.00. UPDATE: Sons of Thunder just added to the bill. See what people have to say about them over at the Goner Board.


Sunday: Mark Kozelek at the Hi Tone Cafe

From the Web site:
Mark Kozelek has recorded six studio albums with Red House Painters, three solo albums, and two with Sun Kil Moon. His most recent release, Tiny Cities, will be released through his own label, Caldo Verde, in the U.S. and Rough Trade in Europe on November 1, 2005. Recorded with the musicians from Sun Kil Moon's Ghosts of the Great Highway, Tiny Cities is a collection of 11 Modest Mouse songs reinterpreted much in the spirit of Mark's past collection of covers, What's Next to the Moon, his re-take on the Bon Scott era AC/DC catalog.
Links: Mark Kozelek Web site. Sun Kil Moon Web site. Caldo Verde Web site. Mark Kozelek on eMusic. Red House Painters MP3s. MP3s: Modest Mouse - The Ocean Breathes Salty.mp3 Sun Kil Moon - The Ocean Breathes Salty.mp3 Hi Tone Cafe, Sunday, February 26, 2006. $10.00, 9:00pm.

Monday: Undertow Orchestra at the Hi Tone Cafe

From the Web site:
David Bazan, Vic Chesnutt, Mark Eitzel and Will Johnson will be touring together as the Undertow Orchestra. This is a very special collaborative tour with David Bazan (Pedro The Lion, Headphones), Vic Chesnutt, Mark Eitzel (American Music Club), and Will Johnson (Centro-matic) all sharing the stage, rotating between each songwriter's material, while serving as backing band on various instruments for each other's tunes. Scott Danbom (Centro-matic) will join the Orchestra on piano and violin.
I heard an interesting interview on the radio with these guys, though I can't remember where now and therefore would have problems finding a clip. This sounds like a brilliant collaboration between some of the foremost frontmen of our time. I'd venture to say it's another not-to-be-missed kind of show. Hi Tone, Monday February 27th, 2006. $10.00 9:00pm.


When it's spring time in Memphis.

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, bands are touring through Dixie and I'm hungover at work. It must be spring time. I was going to post something much more entertaining, like an actual review of the show (which was awesome--at least what I remember of it,) but right now, it just doesn't seem worth it. And you probably have more of that sort of attitude to look forward to; there are lots more show coming up starting tonight at the Hi Tone with Makeshift 4 Compilation Kick-off Party Numero Uno. Esque, Six String Jets, Issen and maybe some other people I can't remember at the moment. 10-ish, $5.00. Check the stuff to the right for more shows over the next few days.


Memphis blogger post of the week. (Maybe the year.)

Paul Ryburn has a Memphis blog. It's good, mostly aboute Downtown stuff, and he's cool. Posts a lot of interesting stuff, but this one caught my eye: What the bums are drinking this week. Way to go, Paul. You just revealed my habit of drinking cheap liquor out of plastic bottles in parking lots and alleys.

Just a Reminder...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Viva L'American Deathray Music - Black Magic Sound Group - Esque


A Few Interesting Things

WOXY goes premium.
So I noticed a week or so ago that my tried-and-true internet radio friend, WOXY, was no longer a free stream. They've switched over to a premium service which will run me $9.99/month. Now, the question is, will this work for them? So far, the station has failed on conventional radio waves. It has failed as an advertising supported venture. Will this be the answer for them, or does it bring them one step closer to the end? I know one thing, I get enough of a taste of what new music is out there from MP3 blogs and other (free) indie radio streams--I won't be subscribing. More on the switch.
David Byrne blogs.
I found David Byrne's blog today and am pleased to find it a well-written and insightful piece of internet web-loggery.
80 Days with Liah & Chloe.
This is an interesting marketing experiment by a couple of grad students who are selling ad space on their forheads via temp tattoos to finance their travels. Wish I'd thought of that.

Wednesday: Viva L'American Deathray Music back in Memphis.

Photo from Blackoutfest 2003 via Athens Musician Network.
So, Viva L'American Deathray Music is back in town. This is sort of exciting, in case you didn't know. Deathray is one of those Memphis bands that mostly doesn't live in Memphis anymore, and therefore it's sort of a rare treat to get to hear them. They are about as tight on stage as a band can be and have the entertainment factor down to a science. Harlan T. Bobo on bass, Nick Ray on guitar and vox, and Jeffrey Bouck, previously of the Polyphonic Spree, on drums. With a line up like that, well, it's a sure bet. Wednesday night at the Buccaneer, 10:00pm, with Esque and Black Magic Sound Group from Austin. Listen here, here, here and maybe here.

Tuesday: Memphis Roller Derby Practice and Meeting

From Mempis Roller Derby:
If you are planning to attend the practice at summer skateland tuesday, Feb 21, from 7-9 p.m. here is all you need to know:

1. Bring about $10-15. The rink fee is $80 for the two hours and the more people that show up, the less it will be for everyone.

2. if you have your own quad skates you can bring those. if not, Skateland will let us use theirs. They aren't the best ever and not the ones we'll use for the future, but they will suffice for now.

3. Bring your signed waiver if you haven't turned it in already. you will be required to turn this in before you are allowed to skate.

4. If you didn't come to the info meeting this past sunday, we'll have packets for you. We'll hold a short meeting to announce new news, and answer any questions or discussion you may have. We can also do a quick orinetation for those that didn't attend.

5. Our guests for the evening will be Megan for Mercy, from Dixie Derby Girls in Huntsville, AL, and Kimble C. Johnson, who will be talking to those that are interested about media relations.

6. This is primarily to get together and have fun and watch everyone fall on their asses and get motivation to get turn into ass-kicking machines. Perhaps we'll go out for drinks afterwards?
UPDATE: It would seem that Skateland burned down or something dramatic last night, so plans are now up in the air. Check Memphis Roller Derby for updates.

An ode to Sparks.

Yes, I love the Sparks. Aside from the trusty vodka and tonic, it may even be my favorite drink. It's only been about a year since I discovered Sparks, but oh what a year it's been. I recall with warm fuzzies the experiences we have shared, the people we have met, the toilets we have talked to.

I know a lot of people talk bad about the Sparks. They sneer in disgust and say something derrogatory about the way it tastes, or they relate a bad experience they may have had with Sparks. But me? I just smile a little smile and I nod because I know, I know Sparks is the nectar of the gods and I know we'll be BFF (Which stands for "Best Friends Forever", because I was asked).

The Story of Sparks


Pullets are young chickens.

Here's a gem:
As many of you know, PETA is campaigning against KFC to get the company to adopt some minimal animal welfare guidelines for the chickens who are raised and killed for their restaurants. PETA Campaign Coordinator Lindsay Rajt will be coming to Memphis on Tuesday, February 21, to lead a demonstration outside a local KFC, and we need your help to make it a success. To give you a little extra incentive to protest with her, you’ll earn 1,500 peta2 Street Team points for attending. On top of that, if you bring three or more people with you, we'll give you a free PETA t-shirt! Here are the details of the demos: Tuesday, February 21 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. KFC, 5152 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN All the leaflets, posters, and stickers needed for the demo will be provided, so all you’ll need to bring is yourself and anyone else who is interested in attending! To learn more about the campaign, please visit KentuckyFriedCruelty.com. If you have any questions, please e-mail Lindsay at LindsayR@peta.org. Also, be sure to add Lindsay to your friends list at myspace.com/rosehustler. We hope you can make time to attend this important demonstration and send a strong message to KFC that their cruelty to animals will not be tolerated.
There's a Pam Anderson video on the MySpace Event page. Anyway, I'm going because I really want that PETA T-Shirt but I have one question: what are peta2 Street Team points? Is this some sort role playing game? I mean, there IS a dude in a giant plush animal costume...


Thursday nights are made for dancing.

Image hosting by Photobucket That's a last minute Thursday night Soul Bust (Soul Party + Beer Bust) at the Buc. You should go. If you don't, can go to Dish to check out DJ's Witnesse, Markonkwo and Franswa (or whatever Cort Percer calls himself these days!) where records will be played and $5.00 buckets of High Life will be liberally consumed. Tonight, whenever, free. Or, you know, I bet you could dance to Cory Branan and the Brad P. Explosion at the Hi-Tone, too. Tonight at 9pm for $5.


Building feeble wings before spring.

I have a lot of updating to do. I'm sure you'll all deal. I mean, come on, do you really need me to tell you tomorrow is Valentine's Day and Harlan T. Bobo is playing at the Hi Tone? No. You can read it in the Flyer like I do. UPDATE: I updated the calendar at right. Do me a favor--if you have an event you want added, write up and put it on UpComing.org (anyone can do this) and let me know. It would make life so much easier...


Remember to take earplugs to concerts.

Ok, so the very exciting "Keep Hustlin" shin dig at the Buc to night has been cancelled. Due to inclement weather? Pshaw. There are promises to reschedule, I'll let you know. I have another photo set up at FlickR for the Six String Jets CD Release Show with the Angel Sluts a couple of weeks ago. Check it out here. Don't forget the Memphis Roller Derby organizational meeting Sunday at R.P. Billiards. 3:00pm. You should definitely go. It's still snowing. Today's title courtesy of 43 Things.

When hell freezes over.

Holy shit, it's snowing. Anyone up for Sparks and sledding?


I know where the sidewalk ends.

And I know why people move to Germantown--there's miles of the stuff. And what sidewalk it is! Pristine, untouched; bordered on either side by lush lawns and shrubbery and, on Mondays, carefully parked and well contained trash receptacles that do not interfere with the flow of pedestrian traffic. (In this case, power-walking soccer moms, old men in hats with large dogs, and myself.) Even the trees won't touch it, they won't punctuate the stuff with anything larger than a leaf or an acorn. They would certainly never imagine lifting even one corner of a concrete slab to stretch their roots, unlike the rebellious midtown trees who seem to revel in making my walks a seasickness of choppy grey. Furthermore, the right lane is so wide and underutilized as parking that it's like having A WHOLE OTHER SIDEWALK right there for you to use and enjoy! But anyway. That's the only reason I can figure out why anyone would want to live in Germantown. So aside from that, I'm sure you've heard Catpower cancelled the fucking tour. Stupid bitch, I didn't want to see her anyway. Andrew Bird, however, is someone I like and he's nice and doesn't have a diva complex so I think I might go see him in Oxford next Monday at Proud Larry's. And tonight, I might go see DJ Will-Matic at Murphy's. And Thursday I might go see The Angry Angles, the Guacos and Die Rotzz at the Buc. Or, you know, there's that Sun Volt show at Newby's. And Friday I might go back to the Buc for what promises to be a crazy showdown between Memphis rappers and memphis hipsters. Showdown at the Buccaneer. Emphasis on the might, apparently.


Progress Report

Photographic evidence of Esque and The Lights on Friday and the MOTO show last night. There will be more crappy pictures of the Detroit Cobras and The Woggles by tomorrow, but right now, I'm late for a Superbowl party at my Mama's house. So I have to get on that and stuff. Click all photos to the right to check out the damage.


Memphis Does Weekends: 2.3.06-2.5.06

This post made possible by MySpace Band listings. Tonight:
Baton Rouge natives 2CV play the Vault with Brad Postlethwaite (of Snowglobe and Makeshift fame,) and Matt Miller's Jung Shin. Considering how much I was a fan of Bret Krock's (You know him, he's a bartender at the Hi Tone) band Eighty Katie from a few years ago, and how undeniably great John Argrove's other bands (The Glass and The Secret Service,) are, I kind of have some very high expectations for The Lights who play tonight with Esque at the Hi Tone. Somehow, I doubt they'll disappoint. Rounding out my Friday picks, Betty Dylan brings their oh-so-respectable alt country to Murphy's tonight with The Clergy and Breaking the Cage. I also intend to check out Dish for the storied Friday Night Dance A Thon.
perennial Memphis favorites, M.O.T.O., hit Murphy's with a garage punk assault accompanied by local kids the Boston Chinks and Nashville's Eggrollers. And basically, don't miss Augustine, The Secret Service and Grand Serenade at the Complex. I know most of us have seen Augustine and The Secret Service, perhaps even very recently, but they're awesome and you know it. And quite frankly, Little Rock's Grand Serenade is worth the admission all by themselves.
You know theDetroit Cobras are playing with The Woggles at the Hi Tone after all the frikkin Superbowl parties are done with, right? Well, if you didn't, you do now. On the off chance you're not going to be there, enjoy El Paso Hot Button at Murphy's.