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Papa's got a brand new bag.

I'm guessing nobody's seen resident D-Lister David Gest at the soup kitchen lately. Apparently, he's off locking lips with Da Brat. Fascinating, I'm sure. [via OhNoTheyDidn't]


Making the most of your Friday.

So the International Blues Challenge is going on this week. Should be some interesting acts on Beale St. for you to check out tomorrow night after the South Main Trolley Tour and before you head over to Murphy's to check out The Grown Up Wrongs, The Revolutionaries, The Menstruals, and The Tennessee Tearjerkers who are performing in a benefit for some guy called "Cheesetoast" (David Pound). And if you're really going to make the most of your Friday, you'll get some fried chicken from Gus' while your downtown. 'Cause, you know, it's fried chicken and fried chicken makes everything awesome.

Memphis Roller Derby takes flying leap into existence.

So, from what I gather there's an organizational meeting for a proposed Memphis flat track roller derby league in a couple of weeks. Check it out on Feb.12 3pm at RP Billiards (525 S. Highland).
Our objective until then is to bring the ladies together..More ladies..more teams..less expensive practice space..If you are interested in helping me physically pass and hand out flyers please contact me at samred40@yahoo.com.Im shooting for the Feb. meeting to be as productive as possible with the best turn out possible. Help us make it happen.. thanx..samred


Delta Axis @ Marshall Arts presents:

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factory 4: the studio revealed January 27th- March 11th 2006 Opening Reception: Friday, January 27th 6-9 pm Factory 4: the studio revealed, co-curated by Jeanine Jablonski and Cedar Nordbye, brings to light the rarely seen, often illusive, artist studio/creative environment into the gallery environment. The exhibition showcases the materials and environments which support one’s individual artistic practice. Delta Axis @ Marshall Arts is excited to showcase the creative environments of four Memphians invested in a creative practice: Harlan T. Bobo- musician (Goner Records,) Hamlett Dobbins- painter/curator (Clough-Hanson Gallery at Rhodes College,) Andrew Earles- writer (Magnet Magazine, www.McSweeney’s.net,) and Stephanie Sobierski, Designer (Co-Founder/Designer, Pushwear.) Co-curators will work with each individual involved to create four site-specific re-installations of the essence of the individual studio space. Gallery Hours: Saturdays from 1-5 pm (or by appointment) Jeanine Jablonski ________________________ Gallery Manager, Power House Curator/Gallery Manager, Delta Axis @ Marshall Arts 901.292.3176 www.deltaaxis.org


Cat Power and Memphis.

According to Hayden over at WEVL, Cat Power is kicking off the tour for the new album right here in Memphis. The show starts at 9:00pm at the Gibson Lounge on February 11, tickets available here.
Recorded at Memphis, TN's Ardent Studios over the summer by Stuart Sikes, 'The Greatest' while the most confident and life-affirming work of Chan Marshall's career, is as intensely personal, haunting and provocative as any of its predecessors. The album's players are a bona fide All-Star team of Memphis musicians, including Al Green sideman Teenie Hodges on guitar, Leroy "Flick" Hodges and David Smith on bass, Rick Steff on keys, Jim Spake on sax and trumpteer Scott Thompson amongst others. -- Matador Records


This year, for sure.


The Man in Black, back on stage. Sort of.

So I'm just now getting around to going through this week's Flyer and came across an interesting ad on the corner of page 12. It would appear that Garret Ammon's original piece "Walk the Line", to be performed by Ballet Memphis with music by The Dempseys, is back on stage in light of the recent success of the movie. I first saw this tribute a few short weeks after Johnny Cash's death in September 2003. It was my introduction to ballet and ya know, I kind of liked it. A lot. With the addition of The Dempsey's (Who were in the movie version of Walk the Line in case you didn't know,) providing the live music and a few modifications to play up the best scenes, I expect this round will be a crowd pleaser, too. And people, just because it's a ballet doesn't mean you can't sneak beer in. The Man would expect no less. Saturday, Jan. 28, 8 p.m at GPAC. More details here.

When "just because" is a perfectly rational explanation.

  1. I took a short walk yesterday to put a letter in the mailbox on the corner. There was a wind advisory and I wished I had a parasol so I could take advantage of the situation a la Mary Poppins, but alas, all I came across was a dead baby snake. It was flat and dry and I looked at it for a while but I didn't touch it.
  2. After a less than fulfilling turn out Wednesday night, I really wanted to go to the Makeshift show last night but I got sick again. So today I'm going to take my medicine earlier and get a nap in before I go to work. It's good to have a game plan, ya know?
  3. Did I mention I'm a corporate spy, now? I wear sunglasses and a hat and take pictures and stuff and my boyfriend drives the getaway car. He wears sunglasses too.
  4. Seriously.
  5. I'm coming up with my ultimate "Having Friends In From Out of Town but Would Rather be Poked in the Eye with Brown Toilet Brushes than See Graceland Again" guidebook. Stay tuned.


We'll settle the naysayers.

Ok, so some seem skeptical. Fair enough. Regardless, I'll see you out tonight at the Hi Tone. We're going to go see Grotesque. I mean, Esque, Mouserocket and Kazalok. It'll be good times. I understand that there's quite a few members of Memphis Orgies in on this bill, so, you know. That either means this could degenerate into a good asskicking in the parking lot or an orgy on the smelly couch in the back. Really, it's a win-win situation. Tomorrow night, I'm entertaining the notion of heading to the Hi Tone yet again to see Noise Choir, Matt Miller's Jung Shin, and something my friend Chris is working on called the Dirty Coast which I have no information on, but should be intriguing none-the-less. Might also stop by the Bucc to welcome home Buck Wilders and The Hookup. They're back from a successful Soul Party in North Carolina or some shit and, well, beer bust. Which brings us to Friday. I'm thinking I'll go check out Braddy Postlethwaite and the Moonlight Towers at, where else, the Hi Tone. I'm not sure who is actually in this band, but, eh...whatever. Brad's awesome. Hopefully somebody will throw a party or something because I'll almost be off this round of antibiotics and could start injuring my kidneys all over again. Saturday, for a change of scenery, I'll probably go to the Bucc. I heard something about a show with The Final Solutions, Loose Diamonds, and some band called Bi-Polaroid. And from there, who knows...


Boredom breeds good blogging.

In the year+ I've been working on this blog, I wouldn't hesitate to say that I was at my most prolific and entertaining when my life, well, frankly, kind of sucked. I remember coming up with some of my favorite entries while eating popcorn and watching HBO, while languidly yanking at strips of faded wallpaper, and while sitting at my kitchen table in the pre-dawn hours, after being up all night, and waiting for the paper boy to do his job. I don't know that I'm that much busier these days. I find myself once again independent contracting and looking for freelance writing jobs. I feel like I spend a lot of time at home. I guess what's changed is the fact that I spend much of that time with someone else instead of sitting alone with nothing better to do than come up with witticisms. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I am, however, becoming ever more determined to learn to integrate blogging with my new-found coupledom. I'm wondering if I could become one of those bloggers who laments endlessly on how wonderful/horrible things are going with their personal life. Come to think of it, I've never exactly left you hungry for that sort of banter--all that's changed, I suppose, is the shape of my personal life. Call this new-found dedication to blogging a resolution if you will. I'll pile on the gratutious "spend more time excercising" and "spend less time and money getting wasted and partying" onto the list. But you know and I know that all this means is that I'll walk to more parties, limit my drinking to the flask in my back pocket, and tell you all about it the next day.


New Years are for breaking bad habits.

So me phone is in my pocket, my car has found its way home, and my flask has stayed empty since at least New Years Eve. Got back from my first trip ever to Detroit on Monday and I'm getting things organized for a couple of shows I'm booking. I'd say things are going rather well. My only real regret is that I've missed some good shows, what with the staying sober [you can't go to a rock show and not drink!] and being otherwise indisposed. Don't worry, though. Sobriety didn't make my list of resolutions. Going to more shows, however, did. I'll see you out soon.