I'll blame it on the flask hiding in my purse.

So Thursday night was interesting. I mean, I've been told it was. Personally, I woke up drunk mid-afternoon on Friday and thought I'd had some pretty odd dreams untill I realized I didn't know where my car or my phone was. I did what anyone in that situation would do--I went back to sleep. When I woke several hours later I gathered the strange things which had transpired the night before were not merely dreams. I actually had been at the Deli watching the Glass. I actually had somehow ditched Leilani and Patrick and headed for the Buccaneer alone, and the evening actually did end with Jack Oblivian attempting to give me a ride home only to be hindered by a flat tire. I later found my car parked at a bank on Madison but my phone--alas!--appears to be lost forever. But there is good news. I can still go see Kazalok and Harlan T. Bobo at the Vault on Thursday.


But can we buy you a swimsuit in Memphis in December.

Last night after the ever-so-slightly inebriated blogger bash report, I gathered my wits--and my notepads--about me and headed for Murphy's. I got a lot of work done, drank a lot of vodka, listened to some good tunes, had some great conversations and nearly got eaten alive by a crazed raccoon while attempting to deliver a friend to the safety of a couch. You know how it goes. I woke up this morning and started work with the Wardrobe director on a movie being shot here abouts. I'm looking forward to this. I got a taste of impromptu wardrobe styling when I was working for the magazine and I loved it, so it will be good to get back in that zone. Plus, I mean, what could possibly be better than getting to shop to your heart's delight on someone else's dime? That's right, nadda. Also got a chance to stop into Light Years, the new shopped thrift/vintage store in Cooper-Young. It's in the same building as Two Chicks and a Broom and, well, it's awesome. It fills a niche Memphis has been sorely missing for a while, now. They have a good selection and some great items and I would definitely suggest you check there if you're looking for something interesting to add to your wardrobe. I actually just finished mapping out the precise location of every thrift store, major shopping center, and Army Surplus outlet in Memphis. It's color coded by store-type and everything. Unfortunately, this project kept me from catching the Lights and Arma Secreta at the Deli, and the oh-so-intriguing Feel-Harmonic Chrimmus Party at Dish. I bet it was a good CY kind of night.


Be a smaller tubular neighborhood.

So I rubbed elbows with some of Memphis' best tonight. Best bloggers, that is. Topics were touched upon ranging from my mundane suggestion that everyone who had not heretofore done so try that tasty malt beverage/gaurine enhanced energy drink known as "Sparks" to the more involved conversations of the "static character" of our blogging personas. You will be pleased to know that we decided bloggers have played an intrinsic roll in the ever growing activity to be found in the Memphis arts, music and film communities. Not to pat our own collective back or anything, but simply having average citizens talking about these things and sharing their insight/suggestions has really helped spread important information outside of their formerly confined circles. God knows the depths of these topics are too "niche" for our beloved mainstream media to pick up. Anyway. Off that. If you're still looking for something to do tonight, swing by Murphy's for $5.00 all-you-can-drink PBR and hear my dear friend Willmatic spin some tunes for you. Ear candy, I say.


The Crickets Still Sing in the Dead of Winter

Updating. I got a digital camera for my birthday, so I suppose you can add me to the league of amateur photobloggers, now. For the time being, you can check the damage out on my Flickr account. Be gentle, I'm still learning how to use it. I've also been messing around with different event calendar applications, since I don't want to use a three column layout and putting everything in two columns just takes up too much space. Until I find something I like better, this will do just fine. Let me know what you think and whether or not you have any suggestions on these additions. Please remember to change your bookmarks and any links you may have to PulpFaction.org!


Memphis Does Weekends

I've gone through a lot of transitions since I last posted in here. Career path changed, relationships changed, friends were made and probably lost, yadda yadda yadda. What hasn't changed--unless it's changed for the better--is the music scene in Memphis. It appears to be alive and well and I regret I've not had this blog situation straightened out enough to tell you about all the interesting shows that have happened between here and there. I thought I'd attempt to remedy the situation with an update for this weekend, since as far as I can tell, Memphis Parties is MIA. Friday
  • 1057 Walker with Signal the Cheifs @ the Stage Stop
  • This Side of Summer, The Avenue, Cross Effect, Dead Romance @ the New Daisy
  • Cake on Cake, Antique Curtains, Grand Serenade @ Murphy's [Recommended!]
  • The Gamble Brothers @ the Full Moon Club
  • Jocephus & The George Jonestown Massacre @ the Buc
  • Yamagata @ the Hi Tone
  • Daddy Mack Blues Band @ the Center for Southern Folklore [7pm]
  • Tunnel Clones @ the Vault [@ RP Billiards]
  • Freakwater with the Zincs @ Newby's
  • Sarpis, Wicker, 7$Sox, That Was Then, A Life Away @ the Skatepark
  • Fizzgig, Crippled Nation, Retrospect, Perspective @ Newby's
  • Young Agent Jones, Jung Shin (Matt Miller) and DJ's Taylor Dawson and Cort Percer @ the Vault [Recommended!]
  • Frank Morgan @ Cafe Soul
  • Sonny Williams and Sidney Kirk @ the Center for Southern Folklore
  • Crooked Fingers @ the Hi Tone [early show]
  • Papa Top's West Coast Turn Around @ the Buc [Recommended!]
  • Friday Night Dance Off @ Dish
  • Grunt and Sacrum @ the Full Moon Club
  • Heavy Metal Karaoke with The Trouser Snakes @ Murphy's
  • Southern Creed Reunion, Back Street Crawler @ the New Daisy
  • Red Trio CD Release Party @ the Buc
  • HR of the Bad Brains with the Dub Agents, Jack Ruby Jr., Muck Sticky, Organ Theif, and Jocephus and the George Jonestown Massacre @ the Hi Tone
Now, go listen to some Deerhoof (Deerhoof can do no wrong,) and be good.

Love In Action Documentary Fundraiser

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
The QUEER ACTION COALITION, Director Morgan Jon Fox, and Sawed-Off Collaboratory Productions seek your kind assistance.....
FUNDRAISER SCREENINGS FOR a SAWED-OFF COLLABORATORY PICTURES/QUEER ACTION COALITION project...This Is What Love In Action Looks Like. @The MeDiA Co-op 1000 S. Cooper Memphis, TN 38104
901-278-9077 for more info PAY WHAT YOU CAN!
Friday December 16th
  • 7:30 What Does Love In Action Look Like: a preface (plus short films)
Saturday December 17th
  • 7:30 Away(A)wake
  • 9:30 What Does Love In Action Look Like: a preface (plus short films)
The Documentary follows an international news story that unfolded in Memphis in the summer of 2005 surrounding the controversial "get straight camp" Love In Action, and their teenage program called Refuge. Sawed-Off needs funding to complete this documentary and then promote it around the country for distribution and festival screenings. What does Love In Action Look Like: a preface, the companion piece to This Is What Love In Action Looks Like was awarded the "Ron Tibbett Excellence In Filmmaking" award at the 2005 Indie Memphis film festival. Sawed-off's previous films which will screen the 16th and 17th have been screened around the country and are distributed by Ariztical Entertainment nationally on DVD. Acclaim for The 2003 Feature, Blue Citrus Hearts:
"one of the top 15 films of 2003" -The Commercial Appeal -The Chicago Reader
"this movie captures all the awkwardness, angst, despair, exhilaration and confusion of being a teenager. It's raw and aching, beautiful and honest... I am adding Fox to my list of filmmakers to watch and I am wondering just what is going on in Memphis, Tenn., to foster work so solid and accomplished" -Chicago Free Press
All screenings will be accompanied by Q and A sessions.... HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!! If you are unable to attend but would like to make a donation... Checks also can be made out to Sawed-Off Collaboratory Productions and be mailed to: Morgan Jon Fox c/o MeDiA Co-op 1000 S. Cooper Memphis, Tn 38104 If you'd like to make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION, please email us, and this can be arranged. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


Is this what they mean when they say "Wintry Mix"?

It's been over two months since I posted anything, and more like three since I gave you anything that wasn't more or less completely self-indulgent. Kudos to EJ for helping me fix this shit so I can get back to being the best blog nobody ever reads! (Never mind that, it's probably just me feeling emo. After all, it is 4:30pm on the day before my birthday and I am more or less lit. Already. My food for thought on a December afternoon: Sparks and chips with white cheese dip.) Tonight is Rogue Wave accompanied by Mazarin and Dragoon at the Hi Tone. $7.00, show starts at 10:00 or whatever. I have a feeling we might also end up at Murphy's for the DJ Make Out party going down there. Beer bust, et cetera, you know how it goes. Pub crawl anyone?