Hello, Deep Throat

W. Mark Felt is Deep Throat. That's my public service announcement for, erm, the year. I mean, do I really care? No, not much. I'm just trying to figure out why he decides to come off about it now. I mean, he's 91 years old, sitting in his rocking chair in his living room, a little bored, a little senile and he just up and says to his golden retriever, "Hell, before I kick the bucket I might as well stir shit up a little." Nice. In other, and comparably important, news, DJ Franswa is subbing for DJ Bad News Ang at the Hi Tone beer bust tonight. Yes, earth-shattering good times will ensue.


Rabbit Trails and The Benefits of Youthful Idealism

Just scheduled a photo shoot at The Brewery for tonight, so I guess scratch S. Main Trolley Tour (unless we get finished early.) I'm excited to go hang out at the place, it looks unbelievable and has some interesting history. A few weeks ago Terance and I were talking about failed ArtSpace proposals and The Brewery and the Lantana Projects and the state of Memphis arts in general. There is a pervading sense of pessimism surrounding all of this in a large quantity of the community and that saddens me. What is it my grandmother used to say? Can't never did nothin'? That applies. Even in music, I see many of the long-term fixtures of the scene growing tired of working on projects they feel will never succeed. It is discouraging, I'll admit, knowing that money makes the world go 'round and money for arts in Memphis is something that is lacking. There are ways, though. I'll take my naive idealism over your wizened defeatist attitude any damn day. Just being gone for a year, I see a marked improvement in attendance and participation in all of these things. Hell, even since I've been back, things have changed a lot. It is a slow revolution, but we're definitely not at a stand-still and no one would claim we're backsliding. You know, everywhere I go, I hear whispers about Memphis and things that are happening here. This city has an intrigue that draws, and all it takes is working that angle to achieve things in this place.


On your To Do List:

That house is near the Circle K next to the Hi Tone. It's on, what, Tucker? It's always a good party. Also, tonight, Party Cannon, Fashion Fashion and The Image Boys, The Guacos, and Jeff Novak's One-Man Band play Murphy's tonight. This is what happened the last time this crew rolled into town:
Seriously. So, tonight, Murphy's, probably 10:00pm and $5.00 cover. Also, I hear The Secret Service is playing the Blue Monkey. I have no details, just go is all.

They Never Got You

I'm having trouble adjusting to my new schedule. Not from a biological standpoint, I'll start yawning at 10:00pm on the dot, but from an ethical standpoint. Ethical? Yes, I said ethical, and no, I am not full of shit. I almost feel as if I'm completely betraying the very reasons I even stayed in Memphis. It's kind of hard to promote and work with musicians when you never even see them since they're going out when you're going to bed. What's a girl to do? I've decided I'm going to start staying out 'till 3:00am at least once a week. Just to keep me in practice. Look, though. It's not even 10:00am yet and I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Absolutely absurd. I should be going to bed right now! One good thing, though, is that it's opening up a whole new realm of live entertainment options which I previously would have ignored in order to conserve my resources for the real party later. For example, I'm going to make a point of making an appearance at the S. Main Trolley Tour this Friday night. It's from 6:00-9:00pm and there's several other promising openings this weekend that we can hit as well including the Jon Lee "No Prints No Proof" opening at Ectlectic Eye. That's 6:00-8:00pm at 242 S. Cooper and may warrant a drive-by before heading downtown. I also intend to check out some of the shows at Sip Coffee and Conversations inside the Artist's Market at 2027 Madison. Their shows run from 7:00-10:00pm and are BYOB. Free old school bluegrass this Saturday with Delta Grass. I could get a pretty good pre-drink going with that. Especially if I'm prefacing the Papa Top's West Coast Turnaround at the Buc. I hear there's going to be a weenie roast. Earlier in the day, there's a Swordmaster's Workshop at the Collierville Arts Academy from 1:00-2:00pm. For someone odly obsessed with swords, (moi,) I guess that's a must see. Of course, this is a tentative schedule for the faint of heart and it is a three day weekend. I'm a machine. I'm the Bud Light Bot. I run entirely on beer. I will go all weekend. I forsee trouble and outrageous house parties beyond the realm of good taste. They usually go hand in hand.


Gainfully Employeed

Recipe for disaster:
Quit Smoking Start drinking more Get a job that has you sitting on your ass 8 hours a day


Another Tuesday Night in Memphis

So I was listening to good ole' WOXY here at work and they just announced that Lucero is going to be in their studio for a live gig on Thursday, June 2nd at around 11:00am. Give that a listen, because, you know, Lucero's new album, Nobody's Darlings, officially dropped today and you ARE going to their CD release party tonight at the Deli, right? They're playing with Cory Branan and The Honorary Title (who I like rather a lot,) before they all go off on tour. Doors at 9:00pm, $8.00 cover. Also, according to their new web site, we missed the free Lucero instore show at Cat's Music on Union yesterday. Damn. Before and/or after and/or during that show, be sure to swing by the Hi Tone for the traditional weekly dabacle known as Beer Bust with DJ's Sex Pot Piper and Bad News Ang. This is the week that claims to be encompassing some Heavy Metal Karaoke. Oh yeah... Also, The Sonsabitches and The Six String Jets at the Buc tonight after the Dart Tournament. Doors probably at 10:00 or so, $5.00 cover. I went to the Buc last Friday night about 7:00pm to have a beer on the patio because all the other midtown patios seemed to be overrun with aging yuppies. It was an excellent change of pace with some good conversation from Scott and Co. but the dudes inside practicing for the dart tournament were assholes. I didn't talk to them, that was just my general impression.



The Drive In was great last night. The weather was perfect, the movie was good, I guess, and then we went and watched Paris die. I think this will happen again soon. My new favorite band is Wig Wam of EuroVision fame.
Classic. I'm totally falling down on the job when it comes to this blog, posting crap like this as opposed to useful information. You'll deal.


Devil In a Blue Dress

Guess what I wore to work today. No, really guess. Ok, I'll just tell you then. Khakis and a polo shirt! For real. I fear I've been brainwashed. Actually, I would have like nothing more than to wear my ass-baring mini skirt and my cowboy boots, but it just didn't look right for work. And all my jeans smelled like beer. This is where I'm staying tonight. I'm off to the Crossroads to sell my soul. The next time I see you, I'll be awesome.


Operation "Real" Job: Day 3

Wow. Getting up at 6:00am after going to bed at 2:30am so you can go to work and be creative is tough. Who knew. I have to do this for a moment to let my brain cells stratch and yawn a little. I need some coffee. I need to go jogging or something. I'm only moderately tired physically, but my brain is a bit sluggish. Last night I actually got to the Hi Tone before the keg was tapped so everyone was still drinking out of solo cups and getting sloppy. I was fun to sit at the booth at the side of the room and watch people arrive then gradually go downhill as the evening progressed. I like to people watch, if you haven't noticed. I'm not a creep, I'm just introspective. (Sometimes) Adam, Patrick and I decided to swing by the Full Moon Club for a bit after the keg was tapped, for some reason. It was predictably tortuous. I just can't do that shit anymore. I don't know, I mean, I like some singersongwriters and all, but .... I'm going to stop now. I did talk to IQ for a while last night and he had an interesting idea I'm looking forward to working with him on: A benefit show for the children of incarcerated artists and musicians. Hell yes. He claims we can put it together in a month, I'd prefer a two month time frame. We'll see. I'm going to look into some different venues and such just to mix it up a little. We may end up doing it outside of the midtown area. If so, I've had this idea of taking my mom's mini van and shuttling drunk hipsters back and forth. How awesome does that sound. Ok, not very, but work with me here. Anyway, after a very brief stop at the FMC, we headed back to the Hi Tone where Rachel and I promptly exchanged hickies in the parking lot for the photo op. Innocent bystanders were also accosted and in all I think R2 probably ammassed a grand total of 82 hickies distributed evenly across the midtown population. That was pretty much the highlight of the evening. Anyone have a turtleneck I can borrow? Hmm. So the Drive In on Sunday. I'm told it will probably be kind of crowded, but I say we work with it and see what all we can get away with. Do you think the new Star Wars will be on there yet? (Speaking of which, best Star Wars tagline ever: Sith Happens. YES!!!) Even if it's not showing there yet, It's on. Need a ride? Let me know. I was planning on driving the Shaggin' Wagon anyway. So I have this desk at a window on a tall building on Poplar Avenue and I've been sitting here all day watching trains go by. Cattle cars. Military vehicles. Cargo containers. Trains aren't really that interesting to me, but they do happen to be frikkin' hypnotic. Thursday, while I'm in Clarksdale Mississippi(!) helping on some photo shoot for a Blues Highway story or somesuch, I think you should be in Memphis getting a metal makeover by make-up artists Rachel and Elizabeth Harris. Contact one of them to find out the details on that. Forewarning though: you have to pay them in beers and sex. The post metal make-over activity is the Metal DJ Party at the Buc with Buck Wilders and The Hookup. Other options include Augustine and So She Sang at Newby's (doors at 9|$5 cover) and The Antique Curtains and guests at the Hi Tone (doors at 9|$5 cover). Damn. I need a nap.


Weekend Plans: Drive In Debauchery

So apparently a bunch of kids went out to the Summer Drive In this past Sunday to see House of Wax and Amityville Horror. I, of course, was being a pussy and stayed home. However, the idea sounds great to me, I haven't been to a drive in movie in a few years now and more Memphians really should take advantage of this thing we've got. It's a dwindleing national treasure when you think about it. So here's the deal, I propose that after a hard weekend (or week, for some of you) of partying, we get together next Sunday evening at the drive in and cook out, drink beer, and listen to tunes on someone's CD player before the double feature. We can get a couple of people to bring pony kegs and a couple of people to bring food and have a pre-Paris killing dance party. I'm going to get this together and rally the troops, you show up and dance.

It's Tuesday and You Know What That Means

So I haven't been out in a few days trying to adjust to a new schedule and whatnot and I'm definitely looking forward to causing some trouble at the Hi Tone tonight. The best part is is that it's one of those few things where everyone shows up before midnight (except me, for the last couple of weeks, who arrived promptly at 12:30am on both occassions,) so they can get there before the keg is tapped. Anyway I might actually be able to get a few hours sleep and still have fun. Oh yeah, the metal karaoke or whatever is next week, not this week. Anyway, Saturday Snowglobe plays the last show with its original line-up including Brad Postlethwaite who's kicking that habit to take up another. No, I mean he's going to Med school. Yeah, I know, it surprised me too. Rumor has it that Luke White of The Coach and Four will be taking up Brad's place as lead vocalist and guitarist. I'm looking forward to the evolution of this band, Brad was an integral part so I'm sure in his absence it will be very different--but all of these guys are talented enough that I have full faith that it will be awesome. Snowglobe plays the Hi Tone Saturday night with Glossary and May Gray. Doors at 9:00, $5.00 cover.


Your Wednesday Night

Wet Hot American Summer

I started my new job today. My "real" job at a publishing company which is launching a magazine targeting women age 25-47 with children. Go figure. Actually, it makes perfect sense. The last few years I've lived by a couple of steadfast policies, the first being to live a life worth writing about and the second being to do the thing that everyone least expects you to do. Just to keep you on your toes, dontchaknow. So, taking these things into consideration, it's the logical next step. I am afraid, however, that my nightlife will suffer with the damn eight to five routine. I'll be living on coffee and Redbull for a while, is all. Since these last few days have been my last of total freedom and little to no obligation, I lived it up. I won't give you the detailed play-by-play (those get so tedious) but here's a synopsis to make you jealous:
  • Thursday, BBQ Fest. Free beer and food. Dish. Angel Sluts, Dutchmasters, Dirtbombs. Green shoes, dancing, blisters. Sparks. No flashing.
  • Friday, BBQ Fest. Paulette's for drinks with the parents of a friend's friend and said friend.
  • Back to BBQ Fest. Stolen wine, free beer, sparks, knife fights with Cops! House party. Two Way.
  • Saturday, MORE BBQ Fest (I was working!) Disco nap, Wild Bill's, dancing fried chicken, Champelle!!!
  • Tail end of Hi Tone School's Out for Summer Party. Two Way. Running interference for a dude I don't know so well, trying to get girl's to make out with me, getting shut down. Sharing a burger. Offers of playing pool, denied.
  • Watch sun rise over Wild Bill's while picking up car.
Sunday I decided to stay in. The four consecutive 20 hour days caught up with me and I wanted to die. I mowed the lawn, carefully avoiding chopping up little frogs, and people honked the horn when they drove by because I was in my bathing suit. Hott. My mom cooked out and I ate steak. I missed the good ole' Southern Summer last year. The thunderstorms and honeysuckle and drive-ins and mud puddles and bare feet and stars and swimming pools and such. I missed the way steam rises up off the road after a mid-day shower and getting all sweaty at rock shows. I miss being tan and fighting frizz and the totally masochistic experience of bare thighs sticking to vinyl car seats. And at the same time, I'm already missing tundra and 24 hours of sunlight. Just no winning. Tonight, The Pirates at the Hi Tone. $5.00 cover, doors at 9:00pm. Also, I hear some people are meeting up at the Deli for Trent Resonator and some good soul and funk tunes. It's a potential dance party waiting to happen and it's free. Me? I'm conserving my energy for Beer Bust at the Hi Tone tomorrow night. I'm going to dance my ass off, and metal karaoke with a live band? WTF? Not sure what that's about. I'll get back to you.

Yes, I am certifiable. It's part of my charm.

While doing research for a proposal, I came across the Great Southern River Ride. I want to play.

Death of a Party Girl

Hot Water Music is the biggest waste of a perfectly great band name ever. More later.


Memphis: 05.08.05 - 05.14.05

It's a good week for rock 'n' roll. My picks: MONDAY | 05.09.05
  • Lantana Projects benefit show with Ben Nichols, Andy Grooms, and Justice Naczycz. P&H Cafe, ?? cover, doors at 9:00pm. More here.
TUESDAY | 05.10.05
  • Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us$5.00 Beer Bust and DJs Sex Pot Piper and Bad News Ang. This shit gets hotter every week and you're missing out if you don't show. Hi Tone, no cover, doors at 9:00pm.
WEDNESDAY | 05.11.05
  • Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usGore Gore Girls are in town playing with The Natural Kicks. Buccaneer, $5.00, doors at 10:00pm.
THURSDAY | 05.12.05
  • Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usDirtbombs play with Dutchmasters and The Angel Sluts. Just listening to the Dirtbombs on WEVL, reminded me how good they are. Must see show. Hi Tone, $8.00, doors at 9:00pm.
  • Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usBuck Wilders and The Hookup DJ the afterparty. Buccaneer, no cover.
FRIDAY | 05.13.05
  • Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAnother must-see show. The Glass plays what would have been their CD release party had Easley-McCain not burned. Instead, they're just playing new material with fellow Memphis staples Vending Machine. The Glass' new stuff is amazing. Emo enough to have me sobbing on EJ's shoulder at Two Way fest, but without the pretense. Actually, they're not really emo at all, they're just good in that you feel the music. I'll quit, now. Hi Tone, $5.00, doors at 9:00pm.
  • Another good show to check out: Final Solutions, Rat Traps, Boston Chinks and Sector Zero. Good times guaranteed. Buccaneer, $5.00 cover, doors at 10 or so. (Maybe qualifies as The Glass/Vending Machine afterparty.)
SATURDAY | 05.14.05


Note To Self: Procrastination

I wanted to post some thoughts on the benefits of idealism over wisdom. I wanted to chew on some ideas for projects that have been floating around that will be largely affected by the fine balance between these qualities. However, the ice cream (a decadent selection of Coffee and Oreo flavors with a generous Hershey syrup topping) is not agreeing with me so much right now. My eyelids are also failing me, dropping down like damn iron curtains. I suppose I'll have to save my philosophizing for another night. Possibly after I've been drinking. It's always better that way, anyway.

Doin' It Well.

So there's a house warming party at 2028 Courtland tonight. But don't let the whole "house warming" thing put you off--this will be no stodgy get together. If you bring a house plant, you will be laughed at. Better to bring a case of beer. Or some Sparks. Oddly enough, it took a dinner of ice cream to somehow make me realize that things are finally coming together for me here. I move into midtown in two weeks. No more driving half an hour down I-55 at 5:00am. I'll be getting back into shape--spending less time sitting around in the 'burbs doing nothing and more time riding my bike and walking. (I won't have a car.) And it looks like I may have gotten myself a "real" job. The kind of job I've been needing to build a career and a future that I can look forward to enjoying. Things are looking up. But I'm still broke until Monday or Tuesday, so it's ok to buy me a beer. By the way. The Color Cast is fantastic. One of my new favorite local acts.


You're Not Punk and You're No Southern Gentleman

Gary 'US' Bonds Makes a Comeback
    Gary 'US' Bonds was awarded Best Comeback at the W.C. Handy Blues Awards in Memphis last night. I'm wondering, though, what constitutes a "comeback"? Oh, wait. He's got new t-shirts out. Also, do other awards foundations/shows have this award?
Ex Crass Frontman Tells You "You're Not Punk"
    Old hippie-looking Penny Rimbaud, previously of infamous punk band Crass, tells you how it is. Or something. Actually, I'm not sure this old man knows what the hell he's talking about anymore. Then again, it's very possible he never did. What piques my interest about this piece is that anyone's still bothered enough by the "fakery" of the current Pop-Punk pandemonium that they'd publish this crap in Vice Magazine. I mean, seriously, boys and girls. Get off it. Avril Lavigne knows she's not "punk".
    The Pistols certainly didn't do anything more radical than Elvis Presley, the only difference was that Elvis could handle his drugs better than they could.
    Ok, that bit's true. And worth repeating.
Ex 'Idol Failure is No Southern Gentleman
    Ok, listen. Corey, darling, If you're going to bang a famous MILF, keep your damn mouth shut. I don't care if you've got a new POS album you're about to release and your publicists says it'll be good for sales, it's just bad form. Not only are you ruining the chances for everyone else, but you're making yourself look like a total ass. Furthermore, please don't play your Southern gentleman card. We have enough pricks doing that whole "kiss and tell" thing on a small scale--we don't need you airing your dirty laundry on national television.

Call Me Double 0 Soul

Tonight be sure to check out local act The Color Cast featuring Aaron "The Guy That Looks Like He Should Be Reading Text Books" Rude, Brad Stanfill, Daniel Ferris, and Nico Jordan. They're releasing their debut full-length, White City Sounds, this summer. If you go see them now, you can tell your friends you liked them before they got cool. (Although I have a sneaking suspicion that all of these guys are already so cool it hurts.) Anyway. The Color Cast tonight with Noise Choir at the Hi Tone. Doors at 9:00pm, $5.00 cover. DJ Fuckbunny and DJ B-Radical will be on hand for a mad dance party after the show. Also, check this puppy out. Perennial Memphis favorite Harlan T. Bobo (also the bass player in what may be my PERSONAL Memphis favorite, Viva L'American Deathray Music,) has a record release party scheduled at Goner next Saturday evening. You never know what Harlan's going to show up wearing, that alone practically makes it worth your while. (I'm personally pushing for the Tube Sock look sported most recently by the drummer in Electric Eel Shock.) From Harlan's profile on LiveFromMemphis:
Six years of modern marriage sans god or government. All that's left is this recording. Too Much Love is a collection of songs describing the best and worst of loving Yvonne Bobo. So it goes... Beginning after the end with "Only Love", caught in the middle on "Mr. Lastweek", finished of with "A Bottle and Hotel Room". This is the fall of the Bobo empire set to song, sung to the best of my abilities. enjoy.

Too Much Rock 'N' Roll

So last night at Dish I was informed that my writing for the BSMF Blog* for the CA was appallingly risque. Partly due to the fact that I said I was going to try to get Billy Idol to sign my breasts, and partly due to the fact that I posted a link to a website that contained pictures of women wearing waders and little else. Oops. See, they told me they wanted something "edgy". I guess their definition of "edgy" and mine differ considerably; I thought I was toning it down. After other stimulating conversation at Dish, we headed over to the Buc to find nearly the entire human contents of the building rushing the bar with poor Scotty back there, alone, doing his best to spread the love. (And by that I mean alcohol.) About 10 minutes in, some chick poured the contents of her beer down my leg causing my exposed foot to stick and slide on my sandal at uncomfortable intervals throughout the remainder of the evening. I did meet Jerimiah Trotter, the birthday boy, somewhere between being bathed in Budweiser and dodging the flying Pinata. He's cute. I may have forgotten to wish him happy birthday, if that's the case--Happy Birthday Jerimiah Trotter. Is this coffee going to get me through the day? Um. I guess we'll find out. If I don't show up by Hipster Hour, I'm passed out in the parking lot of some Kroeger on Poplar. Next to the Lawry's cooking caravan. No cat fights** occurred during my brief stay at the Buccaneer.
EDIT: The job today was a disaster. It was like being in Dawn of The Dead except with meth zombies, crackheads, and real desperate housewives. My advice, don't ever try to give away BBQ samples at the intersection of Cleveland and Poplar without an armored vehicle. The good news is I got paid for 6 hours even though the tour staff franticly closed up after 2, exhibiting sheer terror while the security guards beat crackheads on bikes off of us.
* Does it make any sense at all that the word "blog" is not in the Blogger spell-check system? No. ** Seriously, good times on MySpace with MemphisGossip.


So what are you wearing tonight?

I came home from an interview this afternoon, ate a turkey sandwich, and fell asleep in the grass in the back yard. I woke up with sunburned eyelids and my sheepdog snoring next to me. I need to stop drinking so much soda. And buy some wasp spray. Tonight, I'm meeting the BSMF Blog crew for a second attempt at celebratory drinks and the weekly appearance of DJ Witnesse and The Feel-Harmonic at Dish. Then I'll probably head over to check out the drama at the Buccaneer. Should be highly entertaining. Even if no cat-fights ensue.
I need a costume. And hey, this is no private birthday bash. For example, I don't even know this Jerimiah guy, but I'm going. Yeah, yeah. I know. But it's so much FUN to crash parties.


I told you i'd say it again

An Open Letter to the Directors of The Lantana Projects

Dear Lantana Projects, I've been thinking about it and I've arrived at the conclusion that I'm glad that there is now a non-profit organization harboring the world's crazy contemporary artists for temporary periods of time in Memphis. Particularly if you continue to use shows, such as your upcoming benefit show featuring Ben Nichols, Andy Grooms, and Justice Naczycz at the P&H next Monday, to fund your efforts. I mean, damn, Lantana Projects. I know you're new and all, but seriously. Bring all the avant garde Bulgarian putty sculptors into town that you want, just keep having cool benefit shows. Sincerely, PulpFaction
Again: Lantana Projects Benefit show next Monday, May 9th, at the P&H Cafe featuring Ben Nichols of Lucero, Andy Grooms of Andy Grooms' Living Room, and Justice Naczycz of The Secret Service. Check it.

A Week In Memphis

Well, I was planning to lie low for a few days, but a Monday night staying in might end up being the extent of it. TUESDAY
  • Like every week, 80's Dance party featuring DJs Bad News Ang and Sex Pot Piper at the Hi Tone. $5.00 Beer Bust.
  • First Wednesday at The Brooks: Celebrate The Spirit of Ireland. Primarily--Irhs hip hop dance demonstration by New Ballet Ensemble at 7:00. 6:00-9:00 pm, free for members, $5.00 for non-members.
  • The Preacher's Kids and The Crack Pipes play the Buccaneer. $5.00 cover, doors at 10:00.
  • Check out some good blues by The Scissormen and Jimbo Mathis at the Hi Tone. $5.00 cover, doors at 9:00.
  • Cinco de Mayo festivities at the Buccaneer featuring DJs Babysitter Rock and Debutante as well as Jason Cimon, who may be the next Jeff Buckley. Costumes welcome, drink specials, debauchery, et cetera. No cover.
  • Meanwhile, Neil Hamburger with Pleasaur at the Hi Tone. $7.00 cover, doors at 9:00.
  • The W.C. Handy Blues Awards will be happening at the Cook Convention Center.



To all the people I blew off this weekend, I apologize. I couldn't hear my phone ringing and couldn't have answered due to noise pollution if I had. Also, let me say that I got more exercise slogging up and down the length of Tom Lee Park this weekend than I have since I moved back to Memphis. I will now spend the next three weeks on the couch in front of the TV. That is, unless I go to Kudzu's tonight for whatever seems to be going on there. Or, maybe I could go see The Pirates at the Hi Tone....