Project Eurotrash 2005

Just a few high lights because I'm feeling guilty for not writing anything. How absurd.
  • I talked to Nelli last night. Cairo is on. I'm meeting her in Vegas late April and she's flying me to Egypt. Sweet.
  • Then I'm meeting Mary, this girl I went to high school with, in Paris. We're going to Barcelona to hook up with Matadors. (We're Hemingway geeks.)
  • I've got long hours today and tomorrow, sitting at a table at the Fed Ex forum. If I hadn't lost my flask, I'd have it in my purse and be making use of the lack of social interaction, because I don't know anyone that would want one of these damn credit cards...
  • Tonight, the whole Andrew Bryant CD Release Party at the Hi Tone. I'll be there, wearing khakis, no less!
  • I've rediscovered the joy of bubblegum. Seriously. I spent the duration of last night blowing bubbles at the Deli with Michael. I decided I get into scandalous conversations far too often and far too loudly.


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