The Withering Ways of Immaturity

A problem I need to work on: compulsive junk food consumption. I just ingested a box of Giant Cheese Nips and a (fairly large) bag of gummy bears. Except for the green gummy bears. I don't feel so hot. I found out a few days ago that a couple of my favorite Starbucks girls, in tandem with their respective boyfriends, are going to be kicking it with me in Alaska this summer. I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping Jason, my cousin and occasional partner in crime, will also be join the troupe. We just have to conquer his recently acquired workaholic tendencies, is all. A growing Memphis website has asked me to write music related content for them. This leaves me with what could be a slight conflict of interest. Another possibility would be to transfer all of my music related writing to that page which would leave this with a more focused personal/travel directive. Or I guess I could always just spread the love around a bit. Finally, I've been sending out e-mails to booking agents of bands I have a personal interest in and as a result of that, I'm booking a show for April 7th at the Hi Tone. Asobi Seksu will be playing after their SXSW stint. I'm looking into opening/co-headlining acts right now. I was hoping to get the Bloodthirsty Lovers but it looks as if they'll be in New England by that time, so suggestions are welcome. Furthermore, you've got some entertainment options tonight. Papa Top's West Coast Turnaround is playing the Buc. I hear they're good, classic country covers and such. Should be a good time. And if you liked Mouserocket at the WEVL show, you might want to see what else Alicja Trout can do. I just found out that her other (other, other?) band, The River City Tanlines, is playing in conjunction with the Withdrawals and possibly something called "I'm Not Hot Dog" at Murphy's. This could be a good show. And I like Murphy's hamburgers. They're super greasy and sort of gritty and usually severely undercooked. Good eats, I tell ya'.


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