The Syncopated Sickness

I've been looking over the Emergenza line-up for the next few weeks and am overwhelmingly disappointed. It seems to be a whole host of Memphis' greatest butt rock and aging hippies with pony tails and cigarette vocal chords. They've got a few pop-core (isn't that a genre, yet?) bands thrown in here and there, for good measure, I suppose. Perhaps I'm narrow minded, but I just don't understand how these things can supposedly scour a city for the best musicians and come up with the sludgy shit at the bottom of the barrel. It's discouraging to me to think that in certain arenas, this is what Memphis Music is represented as being, and I'm wondering how it happens. My sneaking suspicion is that [what I consider to be] the really worthwhile musicians in this town have opted to leave these main stream mediums to the aforementioned sludge and cloister themselves in a safe, closed environment where they are guaranteed undivided attention, high face value, and "friends and family" type atmosphere. You're selling yourself short, guys. And the city, too. In friendlier news, there are some good shows coming up over the next few months, a list of which you can find on that nifty collumn over there. Resources included Scenestars, Rachel and the City, Snax Memphis, the Hi Tone, and the Deli. Also, as a possible alternative to tonight's Blair Combest show (a recurring event, I hear), consider some good rockin' at the Deli with High on Fire and Planes Mistaken for Stars. Not my thing, really, but, uh. You know, whatever gets you hot under the collar. Planes Mistaken for Stars is on my shit list because they're also going to be touring with Hot Water Music, a band name which is blasphemy of Bukowski proportions.


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