"Snap" has its own Syntax

I get a lot of junk mail, primarily because I sign up for all kinds of stuff on the internet that I have no practical reason for signing up for. It's mostly the usual suspects: various body part enlarging solutions, appealing letters from unfortunate wealthy Kenyans, GAP advertisements, et cetera. Tonight, though, I got an e-mail for something I forgot existed. The Street Team Network. They're plugging what Launch.com calls "The Next Big Thing," Eisley. Now, this is one of those bands I've seen/heard the name with some regularity over the past few months, but haven't specifically heard anything from or about. Tonight, though, I took the time to listen to some of their work and, surprise, I like it. Rather a lot, actually. It's probably what would fall into the category of shoegaze pop, which I'm not typically a fan of, but it's so damn...sweet. Soft. Sincere. Melodic. I haven't heard anything of comparable quality and appeal in a while. DuPree sisters Chauntelle, Sherri and Stacey cleverly construct a rock candy castle out of a mountain of spun sugar--somehow without going overboard. Maybe, and this could be a stretch, Eisley could be compared to a neophyte, less complex Yo La Tengo of the Summer Sun set or distant cousin of Rufus (or Martha) Wainwright or maybe Clem Snide if Clem was a sweet girl vocalist and her sisters. They're basically in that whole Snow Patrol, Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes vein. I guess I could have just said that in the first place. Whatever. So the story is this--cute, long faced, home schooled Texas kids get bored in suburbia and pick up a guitar and pen and get to work. Their parents open a coffee shop in small home town Tyler and the three sisters enlist big brother drummer, Weston, and neighborhood bass player, Johnathan Wilson, and play shows at said venue. Viola, they're building a following. Next thing you know, the siblings are opening for Coldplay and then playing lots of festivals, including upcoming Coachella 2005, as successful young musicians are wont to do. Anyway, Eisley has everything going for them right now. Their first full length album, Room Noises, dropped February 8th, preceded by two EPs and a host of tours opening for big name acts. They've apparently got it all, from an emerging artists' POV: The producers (including Rob Schnaph, Rob Cavallo, and John Shanks,) the plugs (WB, Launch.com,YM Band of the Month) the sound, and the look. The only thing is, though perhaps I'm a secluded case, Eisley risks missing out on what could be a wider and very eager audience simply by being young and consequently drawing such a young crowd of fans. I know I for one doubted how much I would like the quintet after reading of both recent and up-coming tours for the likes of New Found Glory and Brand New. Regardless of this touch of cynicism, Launch.com has no doubt got something in calling Eisley "The Next Big Thing." And for once, I'm hoping they're right.


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