The School of Rock

For those of you that were waiting 'till Sunday to see Augustine, you missed out. A death in one of the band members' family has forced them to cancel their slot. However, The Antique Curtains and Half Acre Gunroom will still be playing, so check that shit out. Nick Ray of Deathray, photo by Dan BallViva L'American Deathray Music announced Wednesday that they will be playing the XYZ with The Antique Curtains and Po Nave Nunk Rock DJs tonight. I see this becoming another all night dance party with firecrackers, hot girls, good natured barfights, and you can probably expect to come home (at 5:00am) wearing a beer or two. You should also be wearing comfortable shoes because you WILL be dancing. (I will be, this time.) In any case, if you missed Deathray due to Valentine's Day happenings, don't miss out on this. It's what they call an "intimate" setting and you might get a chance to grope Harlan or something. We're going to say doors at 11:00, $3.00 cover. The Beale Street Zydeco Festival is tonight. $12.00 wristband gets you in all the clubs to see all the washboardin', accordian playin', foot stompin' you care to see. (God that sounds cheesy.) But frankly, you can listen to Zydeco Wednesday afternoons on WEVL (House Bayou with Nancy! 4-6pm!) and you've probably got better things to do tonight. Like MAXIN' with The Memphis FEEL-Harmonic DJ Symphony Orchestra. (That is a mouthful.) They'll get off to a late start, Empire Coffee Co. at Madison and Main. This place was previously the Map Room, they say they're finishing the basement and to expect to see more goings on there in the near future. Should be more "polished" than old times, but fun none-the-less. Anyway, the FEEL-Harmonic. According to The Memphis Scene you can expect disco, funk, fusion, Afrobeat, evil cut-and-scratch techniques, sound effects, et cetera. Late, $5.00, special guest Gator Lacoste. And as if all this wasn't enough, I fully intend to check out Jenny Jeans at the Buc. They're playing with Nashvegas acts The Clutters and The Tough & Lovely. I don't know jack about those guys, but I do know the Jenny Jeans is supposed to be badass and with a line-up like Tyler Keith, Twinkle Van Winkle and Scott Rogers, I would expect no less. On a side note: At some point The Tunnel Clones were supposed to play the Buc tonight. Obviously, something went awry, but The TC have more upcoming shows planned and you will just have to catch them at a later date. Right? Right.


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