A Real Sword Would Kill You

Whew. Glad I got that out of my system. The review, I mean. I haven't done one in something like three years, and it's time to get back in the saddle. In the future, I'll place my focus on Memphis oriented albums/bands/shows. This morning (yesterday morning?) when I was still up, bleary eyed, at 7:30 I was channel surfing as is my early morning habit (news, weather, VH1,) when I saw that Seven Samurai was playing. Holy shit. On TMC. Yessss. I popped a tape in to record it and proceeded to watched it until I fell asleep around 9:15.
"A real samurai would never get so drunk."
A classic. Incidentally, I got turned onto director Akira Kurosawa in a roundabout way, my friend Chris was always raving about the guy but I think I fell asleep every time he tried to show me a film. Finally, he gave me this big fat book called The Last Samurai by Helen DeWitt, which has nothing to do with the movie starring Tom Cruise, but rather has a good deal to do with the movie Seven Samurai and when I finally got around to reading that this past summer, I got hooked and I've been a fan since. You should be a fan, too. Even though you have to read subtitles. Also, I noticed Carlos D must be feeling better. Interpol is scheduled to play the St. Louis' Pageant with Q And Not U on March 15. If anyone wants to give me a ticket, I guess I'll go. I'm good for car trips. I sing along relatively in tune and only demand pit stops every 45 minutes. Oh, and as if you haven't heard, there's a going away show for Memphis' own Lost Sounds with Atlanta based Beat Beat Beat. You should go, support the worldwide domination of Memphis music. The troops load up Thursday morning to start their tour of the Northeastern US, Canada, and Europe and need gas money. If you go, everybody's happy.


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