One small step for Starbucks, one giant leap for American capitalism

Random crazy Starbucks guy pictureI think there was a brief period centered somewhere around the release of Fight Club where I, too, was completely addled by the idea of consumerism/capitalism. I thought it was a monster of the American Way and that I should buy my (logo-less) clothes strictly at Goodwill (out of principal, not fashion savvy,) I should not patronize Big Business America, I should, in fact, boycott such empires as McDonald's that were surely destroying the world, one acre of Rain Forest at a time. At the time, Starbucks was the perfect icon for everything this "anti-everything" faction of American youth thought was evil. Somewhere along the way, rationale kicked in. I realized I liked money, I was inspired by business savvy and the carefully cultivated gem of American Ingenuity that is exploitation of the expendable income. I was fascinated, really, by the culture revolving around spending money. Think about it, I grew up in an era dominated by Mall Rats and Valley Girls and we are watching a phenomenon unfold involving these once allowance-dependent youth sprouting into money hungry young adults who are spending more than ever on things they don't need! Somehow, it's miraculous to me. And this article on the Starbucks take of the action is fascinating to me. It may actually have been my involvement in the company that began to turn my opinion from loathing to contented adoration for Big Business and cut-throat capitalism. Then again, though my psyche has always had one foot planted on the ground of emotionalism, the other is standing firm on logic and pulling away for its mate to join it.


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