Of course Cry-Baby is an American classic

Last night I opted for my cowboy boots and Papa Top's West Coast Turnaround at the Buc. I think it was a good decision. It was a lot of fun, anyway. Then there was this birthday party for someone at this house on Tucker which was fine. I'm not really into house parties, but I seem to keep forgetting that. Fortunately, I'm easily amused and can stand for hours in a corner with a cigarette watching the keg empty and holding up random individuals who are no longer vertically self-supporting. Then I provided proof of my urban driving skills with a stellar parallel parking job when I made a brief appearance at Alex's. All in all, good times. Except my pointy boots pinched my toes. Gotta hate that shit. Tonight, there's some buzz on this Limes show at the Buc. It's been tossed around that the Limes are the "worst band in Memphis". Shawn Cripps begs to differ, and I think there will be a Robitussin induced ass kicking going down. Either way, it'll be worth your while to asses for yourself. The Limes consists of what has been called a selection of the finest musicians in Memphis, but I have yet to witness this particular combination of Jack Yarber (The Cool Jerks, The Tearjerkers, Oblivians) Shawn Cripps, Nick Ray (Viva L'American Deathray Music), and Harlan T. (Whose album is sold out at Goner!)....So I'm looking forward to it. After that, dance party at XYZ. Some dude that did his thing on American Idol is rumored to be participating. Midnight, $3.00 for gents, gratis for ladies.


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