HBO Is My Lover

The past week was full of historically significant dates for me and it sort of all caught up with me over the weekend. Sometimes I think that maturity is being able to control your moods to some degree, and that my lack of ability in that arena is surely a symptom of my age and inexperience. The rest of the time I realize that's probably bullshit, based on the actions and reactions of friends and acquaintances which are on average ten years older than myself. Regardless, people let you down. Specifically when you need them the most and strength is being able to say that's ok; understanding that they're locked in their own bubbles filled up with oddities that they are trying to understand and that they, too, are merely human. Thankfully, HBO is a higher entity. When I need a shoulder to cry on, HBO is there without fail with its touching docu-dramas and dramatic series. When I need a 4am booty call, HBO is there with its campy mature themed films and Real Sex episodes. When I need someone to laugh with, HBO is there with funny stories, funny people and situational humor. And the best part is that HBO will never go an entire night without talking to me when I just need it to show a little concern. It will never diss me for a more interesting or upbeat persona when I'm down. It will never abandon me for a drunken, public make-out session with some titillating member of the opposite sex. It will be happy when I am happy, supportive when I am sad, and entertaining when I need to take my mind off of other shit. So, thank you HBO. Anyway, Saturday. The Antique Curtains played XYZ for Jenna J's birthday party. This was their first show with their current line-up, but they play great together and it was a fun set. I told lead-singer Mike that they sounded like what would happen if Quinten Tarantino made another low budget movie, except, of course, it was music. What I meant by this, of course, is that there were a lot of Tarantino style themes that sort of came across in the lo-fi garage rock sound. The Antique Curtains are playing the XYZ again on Saturday with more DJs spinning betwixt sets. They're also playing the Hi-Tone on Sunday with Augustine who is currently recording their first album at Easly-McCain studios in Memphis and also plays the Deli on Wednesday with Jet Pack. I stopped by Dish for a bit Sunday night. I thought I would love it, but...I don't. It seems like the extra room should be a good thing, but it made the environment a lot less intimate and a lot more Swig, which just isn't cool. I also didn't appreciate the absence of bar stools which ruled out the possibility of my sitting by myself at the end of the bar and taking in the minimal dance floor action. The less than excited mood might have had something to do with the crowd, though. Seemed like the usual set was absent, entirely replaced by a rather generic sort that I don't typically understand very well.
P.S. Seeing as how the subtitle of this website is directly related to Hunter S. Thompson, I should probably say something in memoriam. But I won't be waxing poetic partially due to the fact that it's not exactly a shocking turn of events. I mean, how else did anyone thing the guy was gonna go? It's an appropriate end and calls for no lementation.


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