Go ahead and call the cops, you don't meet nice girls in coffee shops

This has become something of a mantra for an ex boyfriend of mine. It's a classic, really, and I'm convinced it's true. How can I state this with such authority? Because, of course, I've been the coffee shop girl. I've also been the barfly and let me tell you, mister, that chick sitting at the end of the bar with a cigarette, an empty shot glass, and a bleary eyed stare is going to give you more love and insight than any coffee swilling, poetry reciting, Heathers watching coffee shop girl. And that's just how it is. Moving on. To all of you who missed Viva L'American Deathray due to some wanton Valentine, I win. Nick, Harlan and Jeff pounded out a succinct and sweet set that would have easily rocked my socks off had I been wearing any. As it stood, I was pretty sure I broke a heel at some point, but I think I was just momentarily levitating. Tonight weird Japanese concept rockstars Peelander Z play with Memphis' own sexy robot oddities known as Automusik at the Young Avenue Deli. Should be entertaining if nothing else. There is also a post Valentine's Day rock and roll party at the Glass Onion featuring the Zippin Pippins and the Menstruals (Minstrels? I don't know, my sources are conflicting, so whatever. Personally, I prefer the former.) I don't know anything about these bands, but it might be worthwhile if you're not down for the "Animation meets Musicianship" art/experimental rock sort of thing you'd get at the Deli. Have fun. I'm going to play dress up and sit at home watching old movies. All this going out lately is cramping the anti-social part of my style. It's just not cool to have something to do every night. Or haven't you heard?


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