Extra, X-Tra, xtra

  • Sherman over at Shangri La is going to be doing a major college radio mailing at some point in the next six weeks. If you want your shit heard on the radio, get your CD and press info to him ASAP.
  • SXSW has the official listing of bands playing this year, plus links/audio. All I got when I searched for Memphis bands was The Bloodthirsty Lovers, Lucero, Retrospect, and some metal band called Epoch of Unlight. However, there are some interesting sounding Non/Anti SXSW shows in the works, though still no Memphis bands in sight. SXSW Blog is HERE. A great SXSW MP3 Blog is See You In The Pit.
  • Memphis In May Music Fest Dates are up. April 29th-May 1st, 2005. Same dates as Coachella. Oh no. (That was sarcasm. Really.)


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