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Why the hell would MTV have a white girl (Joss Stone) do a spot for Black History month? Ok, so it's an obvious politicically correct move from the Caucasian POV, but...I don't know. Here's this cute little blond Brit poptart talking about how Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin and Erykah Badu have all influenced her music to some extreme degree which is all fine and good, but wouldn't it somehow be more effective for the whole purpose and spirit of Black History month if they had one of the multitude of universally appealing black musicians chatting up the same icons? I guess it all sort of depends on how you look at it, I never really payed much attention to Black History month because I just sort of felt like it wasn't really one of those things that included me in any way, shape, or form. I mean, I'm not going to go out and learn more about black history just because it's February, and I'm really not very likely to appreciate any more (or less) the influence of African Americans on my life. I feel the same way about Jewish holidays, I don't feel included in them one way or another because I'm not Jewish. But, they're fine. It's an opportunity for Jews to celebrate an important part of their life, religion, and heritage. Similarly, I sort of think of Black History month to be an opportunity for African Americans to embrace their heritage and learn more about the history of it. Right? I mean, that's what it's touted as, isn't it? So, when did it become a tool to break down racial barriers by making an attempt to align white celebrities with black role models? Anyway, I started out with every intention of going into details of the weekend. I'm just gonna touch on the highlights, though.
  • The glorious events of dog washing day. 5 hour marathon grooming session. Pass out exhausted, awake to rain. Rain results in wet, muddy dogs that SMELL like wet muddy dogs and LOOK like wet muddy dogs.
  • Time spent marveling at my ability to still be able to carry on three hour cross country phone conversations with my high school sweetheart (topics ranging from product placement and airbrushing cellulite in porn to the future of higher education,) while consuming copious amounts of nicotine, caffeine, and carbohydrates in a midtown CK's at 4am on a Saturday morning.
  • The brilliance that is Crispin Glover in Bartleby. Really, it's weird, but I love this movie.
  • The ins and outs of bar hopping in order to see good music in Memphis.
Though others have already done it, I must say something about the musical servings of Saturday night. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at the Hi Tone. Jucifer at the Deli. Snowglobe at the Glass Onion. What's a girl to do? Spread herself thin, of course. The bright side, got more than ample opportunity to drive by Overton Park and watch all the pretty lights and news casters speculate on the missing gunman that shot some cop. Nice. Jucifer was fabulous. Lights, sweat, broken ear drums compliments of the literal wall of amps. It was hard to go from head banging to ass shaking when I left the deli after the Jucifer set to catch the tail end of Mrs. Jones and her Dap Kings. There was a healthy turn out of Memphis' hipster elite shaking it in a drunken soiree, even after it was left to the DJ's to provide the tunes. But you know? How many times have I seen great funk delivered by a charismatic soul sister? Countless. That stuff is all over the place, mostly in cut rate juke joints. The point is, she was good, but the show was over hyped. BUT, hype is what makes a good show, 9 times out of 10, so whatever. It's all good.


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