Because Lightnin' Hopkins Told Me So

  • Nashville's indie pop Jetpack plays the Deli tonight (9pm;$5) with Augustine for their The Art of Building A Moat EP release party. Listen here and here.
  • The one man version of Johnny Smash and the Cash plays a free show at Huffman's Deli Cafe in Cordova. (7pm)
  • British Sea Power to release second full length album,Open Season, on 04.04.05. US tour dates planned for spring.
  • The new Mars Volta album Frances the Mute, is already getting play on 93X. Most discouraging of all? It fits into the playlist quite nicely.
  • I'm on a new music binge. The fodder:
    • The Calico Sunset's 2004 release deep, deep paranoia has a fucking great sound. Plus, that chick is hot in a more-girly-than-Annie-Lennox kind of way. They apparently played this place called Jerry's Pizza in Bakersfield, CA with the Moving Units and the Fever (an awesome line-up, by the way.) The funny thing, though, is my sitting here remembering the fantastically horrific stories my ex used to tell me about going to punk and hard-core shows at Jerry's as a kid and ... wow. I'd loved to have been there. Anyway, you can hear The Calico Sunset here and here. Comparisons that come up: Souxie and the Banshees, Joy Electric, Blondie, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
    • The most inexplicably unsigned band award goes to Arctic Monkeys. This teenage powerhouse hailing from somewhere in South Yorkshire packs a punch and has more buzz with the younger UK set than a dead raccoon in a Mississippi summer. They haven't released anything you can buy, yet, but here's some songs off of their red-hot demo. Someone somewhere pegged them the new Pulp.
    • I've always had a thing for eccentric cello-rock debutante Melora Creager and her Rasputina, but could never quite take them seriously. Now, however, I've got The Tiny to listen to which features a cello and a similarly fabulous vocal arrangement by some German chick called Ellekari Larsson. What makes them better? They're lyrics aren't about, like, talking bunny rabbits and shit and you can look at them and think that maybe they live in the same realm of reality that you do. Listen to their single, "Closer", off of Close Enough, scheduled for a US release of 03.08.05.
    • And I'll leave you with controller.controller the similarly fun Canadian show currently on the road with Death From Above 1979. I don't know, there's hype and stuff and I like them, so, whatever. It's now 5:00 am and I should have gone to bed at least 30 minutes ago. At least.


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