February/March Submissions

We're now accepting submissions for the February and March issues.

1) Comic/Cartoon Submissions. 1-2 panels, 1/2 page (4 1/4" x 5 1/2"), Black and White. Should cover a topic pertinent to Memphis creative culture and be at least a little bit funny. Or witty. Or snarky. You know, whatever.

2) Story Submissions. 400-600 words. Pertaining to Memphis creative culture. Brevity is your friend, so is wit and more or less proper engrish. (English works, too.)

Of particular interest:

-- Stories covering local bands or bands playing in Memphis in said month. -- Stories covering albums or films to be released during said month. (Again, Memphis related only.) -- Juicy gossip about people that make art or books or music or movies or clothes or whatever. (Keep it clean, folks.) -- Weird hobbies. -- Favorite Memphis intersections. -- Newsy type things. (I like press releases.)
-- Don't write a story or interview about your band. -- Give me something by the 15th for potential publication in the February issue, the more complete the better.
So, get on it.


Reviving revival theater in Memphis.

Particularly insightful Memphis blogger, Fearless VK, wants to start up a revival theater. Someone's got a projector, all they need is a location. I suggested the alley next to Ernestine & Hazel's or, better still, inside where the beer and soul burgers are served.

Any other suggestions?


Just purusing recent hits and came across this Nashville blogger who compares me to Minneapolis ex-stripper/blogger Diablo Cody, except without the ex-stripper part and with the world's best magazine waiting in the wings.


I will go ahead and disclose, however, that I was a fully clothed shot girl at a topless club in Atlantic City for one half of a night. (It was in the off season and I was doing research for a story, mom.)


Mixed Bag

So much good stuff floating around on the internet today.

---From Jennifer:

Click on the flyer for a very good podcast, then go see the exhibit. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Stax Museum of American Soul Music will host a very special photography exhibit UNTIL January 29, 2007: Milt Hinton: All That Jazz Behind the Scenes Photographs of 20th Century Jazz. The exhibit, on loan from the New York City-based Milton J. Hinton Photographic Collection, will include 50 Hinton photographs of the most important jazz figures in history, including Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Pearl Bailey, Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughan, Thelonious Monk, Memphis' own Mulgrew Miller and Aretha Franklin, the aforementioned Billie Holiday, and dozens of other legendary performers who helped shape the American art form.

---Join 10 Degrees of Memphis on MySpace for weekly podcasts from Rachel And The City.

---Marcus clues me in to Franco A GoGo at Radio Oh-La-La. Great podcasts and streaming radio. Makes me happy at work.

---Dan from the HiTone reminds us that Jucifer and Organ Thief are playing there tonight. 9:00pm doors, $8.00 cover. Thanks Dan! (Now can I photograph a swim suit model on your roof?)

---Quinn Powers quits the Guacos and plays with new band the STAGS! tonight at Murphy's with The Ettes. The Ettes = Growly girl vocal goodness. YYY- or Gossip-style. Here's a flyer:

Emily Walls at the P&H

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting P and H Cafe Artspace | Friday Jan. 12th | 8-10pm

Dixie Dirt EPK Rough Cut

Dixie Dirt plays the Young Avenue Deli January 20th with Snowglobe. Doors at 9:00pm, $7.00 cover.

Here's an EPK Rough Cut they just put on their MySpace:


Free shows everywhere.

And then every Monday in January, the True Sons of Thunder play a freebie with "special guests". I think it was Girls of the Gravitron tonight. Who knows who it might be next week?

Black Snake Moan: Exclusive MySpace Trailer


Wallendas, Noise Choir Tonight

Be our friend.

On MySpace.

And "Thank You" to Larry and Michele Abramson for clicking that paypal button over there and helping PulpFaction Magazine happen!

A few of my favorite things.

In no particular order:

1) Shower Soothers. It's like vaporized Vicks Vaporub. So, so good.

2) Private Phone. A free phone number with automated voice mail that you can set up to send you an e-mail or text message everytime you get a call. Perfect for giving out to sleaze bags at bars, diverting telemarketers, or a great solution to those needing a business line for a start up.

3) This guy. Unknown Hinson, tonight at the Hi Tone with Jump Back Jake. Who can resist a 400-year-old vampire with mutton chops like that?!


Mixed Bag

I haven't listened to Vending Machine's previous albums in their entirety, but I know that "Chocolate Guitars" sounds like the best of Ween and therefore I am a fan. Plus, they always put on a live show that knocks my socks off. Love these guys, and love the new album King Cobras Do, too. Order it early or go to a show and buy it like I did.
Garden 1040 A.D.

Here's the promised Noise Choir track. I think this is "Geronimo" but I don't have the track names on here, so I can't be sure. These are older recordings, JB says they're working on a new album with new drummer, Leh. Can't wait to hear it, Leh is a great addition to the band.
Track 04

And then there's always this.

Just came across these pictures of the Harlan T. Bobo Christmas Show. They're good. That one's from Don Perry and here's some from Alisa.

People kept asking me if I went last year and I kept saying no, but then I remembered that that was the night that Jack Yarber was going to drive my car home for me since I was in no shape to do it myself but it got a flat tire and they left it at the bank and I couldn't find it for, like, two days or something.

I don't do things like that anymore.

Speaking of pictures, I don't know if I like the picture of me in the Flyer article. I mean, it's a good picture, but I look bad in it. This is a much closer to what I think I look like. Really.

The other Rachel's new podcast is up. Check it.